Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Ch Chur! check the bro Tynas new blog site up now!

Also too much to the bro. Me & the bruvas mishd it up Aucks to support his video clip coming soon. The song is tittled 'Overjoyed'

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


If you live in welli or close by come in check it us next week!


If you havent seen this yet like myself i suggest we get onto it aye bloke!

Clash of the Titans is an underground documentary film representing true Wellington hip hop, as rappers chase their dream to be crowned champion battle emcee.

Independently produced and directed by Will Moore, Clash of The Titans makes it's world premier on the giant screen on 25 July at the Paramount, Wellington as part of the New Zealand International Film Festival.

Shot over eight consecutive nights in December 2006, Clash of The Titans features behind the scenes interviews with emcee battlers for the Wellington crown, and takes us centre stage for the final live battle on the mic and the psyche.

The focus is on reigning Wellington champion, Juse1 and the competitors to his crown, local emcees Lyrix, Ladysouljah, Rogue, Poetic and Xhale plus drum 'n' bass emcee RuggedTek from London and Raysa from Johannesburg.

Mixing the beats on the battle night is DJ Kerb, and the soundtrack features beats by DJ SMV, Ceapone, PD, KRM, Shannon, Sam Scott and King Homeboy.

A long time hip hop supporter, filmmaker Will Moore describes Clash of The Titans as "the first real Wellington hip hop story, driven by inspiration and passion rather than corporate branding. The lens has captured a freedom of expression".

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Its been a while aye! I just got in from Palmy. We did a show there last night with the Bella Qweenz, turnout & weather waws shit but them the breaks! Big big shout out to the bro Khali for hookin' up the drinks at NOIR lounge bar. Thats a real fly bar. So if you're ever in Palmy go check it out! The tour kicked off in New Plymouth last weekend. It was dope! Shout to dude @ Playground where we had the pre-v.i.p party. Playground is a mean spot if your a baller or if you're into your kicks. I jammed at a spot called 55. The turnout was dope & i was happy az with the show. Snoopys Gin & Juice still wins at the partys aye! Had my gz roll with me down to NP so that was cool. We in Htown on Friday! Lookin' forward to that! I live in the H but aint played a show for fucken ages! Htown clubs are wack anyway!
Ah well thats me im a sign out for now! Been workin' on heaps of new music too i might post sumin this week!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My good peoples in Welli are at it again! September 6th @ Bar Bodega. Im a try real hard to be there. Watup to the Wanderer Clique! 04 04!


Bella Qween is a musical / theatrical (fuck me n my spelling) type performance that is hitting a town near you real soon. I've played a small part in putting together a nice lil mixtape for it. & i rekon it sounds cool. Its not the usual you'd hear from me. It's more on the soul relaxed tip. Anyway if youre interested in checking that & the show out then peep the flier. Poice!

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Music!

Sup peoples... i was chillin today on some new music. I needed a good doze of new shit & inspiration. So i got my hands on (dont ask how) GZAs pro tools, The Game L.A.X, Daz Dillingers Only on the left side, Ice Cubes - Raw Footage ah i better stop there. Yeh fucken bite deezze! Anyways i was looking forward to all this shit coz thats just me n what i like. N yeh the west is loosing ga'dammit! Ice cubes shit is too slow n im over the chop neck n screw. N Daz? he just dont give a fuck does he? I remember so so gangster n thinking 'shot daz u did it right on some modern day shit. But his recent album....arghhh....i think he just dont give a fuck as long as u can whoo ryde down long beach on some grim gangsta shit then the hood gon love you long time. I aint got much to say on The Game but yeh i only like a handfull of songs. The joint tittled 'Bullet proof diaries' featuring Raekwon is phat! & the most standout track to me is 'Never can say goodbye'... Basically Game speaks on behalf of 2pac, biggie & eazy. Shit is real cool. Especially when he in-personates biggies flow on the 2nd verse. Good shit chuck! other then that, that shit can suck maaaaaaaaah diiiiiick!
AND THE WINNER IS...!!! WU TANG WU TANG WU TANG...The Genius is back with that good ol wu sound that us knockin on 30s door realist muthafuckaz love. Get you some peoples! Honest its fucken fly!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Yeah boy this is the shit! Apparently we are all aloud to enter. Thing is you just gotta get your punk ass over to melbourne.
The official site is here
& The bro DFORM has posted up the battle rules here

R.I.P Issac hayes

I a'int really feeling these posts. Good people dying aint really what i wanna share with people. But Hayes aka the Black Moses gets mad love from me. He was definately one of the kings of soul & funk. Shaft says it all. Rest in peace bruva!

R.I.P Mr 3000

"Lord have mercy he know what i want" Man whatta stink buzz aye. Bernie Mac, real name Bernard Jeffrey McCullough, died of pneumonia on Saturday aged 50, in a hospital in Chicago. He died of Sarcoidosis. Argh yeh click n find out. Rest in peace Mr. 3000


Well fuck me i'm back people! Sorry about the no-updates for ages! Fuck all that tho. The homeboy Dj Impact won the NZ DMCs the other night. Which means the crown comes to the waikato. Iiiiiiiiiiyayah! The results were...

2nd - DJ DFORM
3rd - DJ SPELL

Im happy to see the DMCs back. Good shit!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Never Forgotten

It's Been a year already since my homeboy passed away. I miss you bro! Just wanted to throw you some props & love & let you know you're not forgotten. R.I.P DJ 4Tek

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SAVAGE @ number 1 on US radio

Fuck me this is too good. Seen this over at MTCs blog

Beating out new tracks from Ice Cube and Ricky Ross, "Swing" takes pole position as the #1 most added track at the Rhythm Crossover format this week. This is a huge start for the Savage at U.S radio with 30+ stations adding "Swing" to their playlists, including stations in major markets such as Dallas, Houston, Salt lake City, San Diego and San Francisco.

To be clear... the Crossover panel includes stations such as Hot 97 in NY and ATL, whereas Power in NY is the urban station. It is not a Top 40 format, although there are top 40 leaning stations on the Crossover panel. "Swing" is set to impact at the urban format in a week.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Biggie Smalls demo tape

Some cool shit to download incase you never got to here the Kings demos.

1. Unsigned Hype Demo Tape
2. Another Rough One (Demo)
3. Biggie With the Hype Shit ('92 Demo)
4. Do What You Wanna Do ('93 Demo)
5. Macs & Dons
6. Blazing Chronic
7. Can I Get With Ya (Version with Extra Verse)


Nas & Green Lantern 'The Nigger Mixtape'

New Nas Tape with Green lantern

01 Nas - Intro
02 Gangsta Rap (Remix)
03 Cops Keep Firing
04 Hero
05 Feat. Johnny Polygon - Black President
06 Feat. Stic.Man - Association
07 Legendary (Mike Tyson)
08 Feat. Joell Ortiz - Ghetto (Remix)
09 Seen It All (Green Mix)
10 Esco Let's Go
11 N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave & The Master)
12 Feat. Dante Hawkins - Be A Nigger Too (Remix)
13 Surviving The Times (Original Cool & Dre Version)
14 Nas Timeline (Mixed By Statik Selektah)
15 Richard Pryor - Outro

Kurupt - Take off

Obviously im excitted about the mixtape! Cant w8!

It's Gangsta Grillz you bitttttttttttches!

Eminem prank calls LL on Tony Touch show!

Haha this shit is dope! So Eminem calls up shade45 during Tony Touches show & goes under the name Jason from Miami. LL's buzzing out at dude reciting word for word, flow for flow some of his classics joints.
I love been a fan of this Hip Hop shit. Infact the 1st record i ever owned (cough stole) was LL Cool Js 'Bigger & Deffer'.
Even in our own lil country. I've been a fan of cats like 4corners, Dam Native & Che Fu for the longest time. & some of them are close friends of mine now. But i aint too cool to take it back like a lil kid & say yup im a Fan!

Anyway check Ems call here

Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur

Today is Tupacs birthday. He would've been 37 now. He was my favourite rapper hands down. I would follow his music religously like millions of others around the world. Not too many 3rd formers were walking to school bangin' '2Pacalypse Now'in their walkman. I remember when 'Me against the world' dropped & news was he was in jail & the album went number one. I was like 'ohhhhhhhh shit' lol
Anyway i dunno about where your from but in my hood when you walk into a mahfuckas house theres usually 2 faces hangin' on the living room wall. Tupac & Bob Marley, real talk!
I know he was'nt the most lyrical powerhouse of the MC breed. & i've had some of my homies hate on that. But some people just don't understand that it was more then lyrics. He was a leader. My people could relate to his struggle & pain in one way or another. He spoke the truth. There's no MC IMO right now that represents the people (especially black) the way pac did.
Anyways i could go on forever. Happy Birthday to the King!

Check out 'Dear Pac' by Crooked I courtesy of Dubcnn

Sumin' for the ladys like Chong nee uso!

Last winter Nezzy & flowz were in Htown & i played host while the usos were in town. Anyway myself & Koma linked up with the brothers at kfc carpark downtown & the fam were drinkin' on some codys bangin' this new Erhmen joint from the ryde. Fuck me the shit is hot! & thanks to PNC over at Slicktalk you can get you some here shit is too dope! Props neezy & Erhmen!

Dogg Pound Gangsta Grillz

Oh hell yeh hell yeh! DPG are teaming up with DJ Drama for the release of their Dogg Pound Gangsta Grillz Mixtape. I'm lookin' 4ward to this shit.
Heres a track Kurupt busts over kanyes 'Big Brother' I like this. He's talkin the real. Im a holla when this shit drops!

LIL WAYNE Carter 3

Fuck me! I hate this guy! The dumb lyrics blah blah blah but fuck me! Stupid nigga got me bumpin' my head! The production is hot! I was chillin' with my bruva the K.O the other day n fuck me he rekons 'i like lil waynes shit g'. Then i read over at marekos blog about how hes diggin the lil critter too. So i'm thinkin' aight lemme see whats really good! & fuckkkkkkkkkkk me! 2much alright wezzy! Music is hot! i still hate you tho yah prick!


Check it out people NZ has a new DJ blog up called Scracth Dat. It's pretty much everything DJ from the latest in Turntanlist news to equipment ect... Props to my homie Joe for gettin' this up & running.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

FRINGS Whangarei

I was in Whangarei last thursday night with the rest of the camp enjoying our 1st day of the tour untill... hello! no supermarkets open? so we couldn't buy any piss. & that's a code red on any HipHop tour! It was about 10, 11pm by then & my good friend Dallas from the H had a hook up for us. His uncle runs a bar in Whangarei. It's a place called FRINGS. A bar & restraunt that serves mean steak burgers & the hella nice home brew. We were all introduced to the Smoking Gun! yum yum! You can buy a bottle for $10 smackers. MEAN! It's all organic & they have wines aswell. But yo i fully support the Smoking Gun family! Get you some!
Just Don't take 10 bottles for the bus ride home unless you're prepared for a long ass night!
Peace to Darren at Frings

Monday, June 2, 2008

Marti Wong

One of my Frankton Zoo homies has a cousin that makes sculptures out of metal bits n pieces. Shit is amazing yo! My homie got this big ass Alien sittin' in his lounge. The dude that makes them goes by the name of Marti Wong. Check Him out here


Remember im on tour right now with a bunch of mawfukkas! Whangarei & Auckland was fun. Peace to everyone that came out. Check the flier to see if we in your town or near by! Yeeeeerp!

New Nesian Mystik Video

It's called 'Nesian 101' peoples. I was helpin' Donny build a bar over the weekend & i think he said September is when you can expect the new Nesian Mystik album! Church!

Savage & Green Lantern

Cher too much alright! Whatta cool way to debut a mixtape in the big U.S. Heres the doownlow jacked from the Dawnraid site!

"Savage continues his movement into America with a crazy collaboration Mixtape with New York's iconic DJ Green Lantern.

The new mixtape tilted "Coming To America" is currently being recorded and features classic and new material from the Samoan MC and new exclusive joints produced by DJ Green Lantern and performed by his Future Green artists.

"Coming To America" will feature throwback artwork to the classic comedy by Eddie Murphy + comedy surprises, so be sure to check back in as this unfolds"!!

Taranaki Youth Fest JULY

This years Youth Fest in Taranaki features a bunch of mofos including myself performing & hoolding down workshops for the kids. Check the site here for more info.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dirty hits the road again!

Arghhhh ka pai!

The Haps!

Man im chillin' for 5 right now. I just wrapped up the LoMoney mixtape. These dudes are from South Auckland.They been on the grind for a while now & im happy as with the sound of their tape. The Ghetto Blast has been finished for a while but the bullshit behind the scenes as far as getting it out goes is ratshit. None the less when the God shit drops yall gonna be some happy mofos. Straight 80mins of Aotearoa HipHop. I have to apologise for saying in my back2basics interview that it is out now. Spoke ahead of time n got slapped back lol. But you know how i do so dont worry about what the fuck i be doin'!
I gotta whole bunch of mail to send today. I dunno who's been spreading the word but cats are hollarin' for beats left right & centre. I have to apologise in advance if i aint get to you straight away. I only have two hands n shits real busy. None the less im greatfull.
I'm heading to auckland tonight. The Urban Playground tour starts 2mrow. I'm lookin' forward to catching up with the bro Neezy. One cool dude to tour with. The line up is a mean selection of talent, check the flier beneath. We're in Whagarei tommorow & Auckland on friday. The gigs are all ages. So thats cool. The kids get to enjoy aswell.
I've been fortunate enough to go on a few tours. My 1st when i was with the Dubious Click in 2002. It was called the 'Power Play Tour'. We traveled & played with Katchafire, D2S, DJ Sirvere & Savage & MZRE. That was a cool eye opener. Since then i've been able to tour with Tyna & JB, Nesian Mystik, Chong Nee, Adeaze ect... Tour is definately work but shit is mad fun too!
I gots me a monthly spot playing in Whangarei, Welli & Christchurch every last weekend of the month so im a update yall on that towards the end of this tour. Should be exciting.
I'll stop there my 5 is up...& i dont wanna say 2much. But yo!... A heap of new Aotearoa Hip Hop shit has dropped over the last month. Flowz 'In the heart of the city', Mareko 'White Sunday 2', & Ethical 'Ages Turn' so get you some people!
A quick shout out to everyone for their patience, love, support & hate.

Ludd you mayne

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Come check us out if you are in any of the above mentioned areas. Should be mean!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Exclusive ETHICAL Interview

The bro ETH will be a happy man right about now with the eve of his Album release upon us. I've been watching & keepin' my ear to the street on this brother for a minute & he's one of the toppest blokes i know. & a madd microphone technician. I caught up with Homeboy & had a few Qs answered from the man himself!

SMV- What's good fam!

ETH- What's good homie!

SMV- .Tell me what hood u reppin' & from what city or town?

ETH- haha Aotearoa bro, i grew up all over the country cuz!
but id have to say new plymouth because i spent my teenage years there and my fams is there!

SMV- You're album is about to pop off cuz! but before we get into that, do you remember the reason why you got into this hiphop shit?

ETH- Honestly,I just got into it because i liked the music, i didnt know i'd end up being a rapper, i used to love Wu-tang and Eazy-E and all that sort of thing.
Being from a small place it was harder to get the classic hip hop stuff around town so whatever RTR was playing that was me,until i discovered wu.
Rza beats made me love hip hop and want to rap.

SMV- I cant remember how & where we met. Do you? I remember back in the day i thought you were Fact for some reason lol

ETH- hahaha Your not the first person to think i was fact hahaha..salgood!
ummm yeah i met you at fu, you were tore up!!! haha you were dj'ing for Tyna.

now we fams b!

SMV- I remember the 1s time i really took notice of your steelo was on magnums 'stalkland CD' back in 03 i think? i remember buzzing out at your flow & delivery.
I think that's the CD that made me track you down so we could hit the mixtape grind...How would you explain your style?

ETH- Thanks homie for the flow and delivery comment. Yeah, i think it was in 03 (holy!) hahah. My style is mad unique to this country i think,like its not one thing or the other (commercial/underground) its just me,i take influences from all styles of hip hop. i have always been a massive fan for the guy you had to listen to a few times before you got what he was talking about ya know?

Shot for actually hunting me down to bro,i respect your mixtape hustle and am happy to be on your projects!

SMV- How did you hook up with BreakinWreck? & what was the point in time where Kirk Harding heard your work?

The BWW deal came about around 03, I was still living in New Plymouth pretty much just starting out in the rap thing. I was in a crew called Dirtbag District with Louie knuxx,Fact,Hegz and my dude Neesh,as i understand Louie had a connection with Cyphanetik through the inter-net and Netik asked if we'd like to move Auckland and get on the label,i remember being nervous as because i had been a fan of Netiks and i was a young rapper who didn't know shit about shit hahah, but am glad i moved up and learnt as much as i did from the BWW camp.

Kirk, heard of my stuff in 05, after BWW released "The music is pregnant....fuck" mixtape, Te Ata from Shadow Squad actually gave the c.d to Kirk to check out and the rest was history man, Im happy Kirk went about approaching me through Netik and we got to sort a collaborative deal with both Move the Crowd and BWW.

SMV- Your've toured hard out over the past year or 2. I know the Jay-Z tour in oz pop'd off for yous but what i wanna know is what was it like touring asia with The Grand master Roc Raida? Funny moments?

ETH- Yeah bro the tours have been a real awesome experience aye,The Roc Raida tour was through east china and taiwan and went for 6weeks, was crazy shows witch helped me develop onstage,The dude is amazing as a person and a turntablist,the way he party rocks is crazy and cool, the most humble dude and he's funny as hell ahaha. We both had an apartment in Shanghai for the duration of the trip,so became good friends,the trip in general was funny always laughing aye, the biggest memory for me was Raida throwing me a birthday party in taiwan and really putting in on for me, made sure the promoters and the club really took care of me was mean!
Raida was a real down to earth cat and as regular as you and i bro,I remember the night he was doing the drops for you,he was going hard trying to get it right for you bro,thats sums him up right there i reckon,a dude who was willing to help like how he did.

SMV- Now you recorded your album in NYC. F*&$ bro theres a million Qs i could ask you about that but we'ill save it for XXL lol. So instead tell me about the
process of how you met producers, recieved beats & wrote & recorded over them?

ETH- Hahhaha yeah XXL are on their way over to see me now haha shuuuahhh!! Well the process of the album was pretty similar to everyone elses aye,i started making demos in NZ and by the time i got to N.Y we scrapped them all bar 2 songs.I got to N.Y and rested up for a day or 2 and then we got to collecting beats from Emile,Cochise,Shuko,Reality and F.B.I. after talks and concepting with Kirk and Cochise we got down to the business of selecting the beats that most suited me and what i wanted to say.Once we got that sorted the task became sleepless bro,like i,d be recording one song and pretty much writing the next at the same time,New York cats Grind for real man.
Was mean to be working with the producers over there,was a real MTC family thing going on,The Producers and I went out to dinner,kick it and became close in the process of this album,was cool to have producers who like to have as much input as yourself on the track and produce in the true sense of the word.
Shouts to Everyone who was involved during my time there.

SMV- When's the album out cuz? & why should mofos buy it?

ETH- The album is out and instores - Monday the 26th of May!!!!!!
Thats Monday the 26th of May!!!!! hahahah

I think people should deffinetly cop my album because it is defffinetly worth copping,im not one to force it on you and things but i believe this album is dope!
The production is huge, like car heads and head nodders are gonna feel it through big systems and rap fans will love the lyricism through their laptops and i.pods
The features are CRAZY!!!!!

Grandmaster Roc Raida
Young Sid
Des Davis
Bradd Marquis
Daniel Merriwether
M1 of Dead Prez
The Architects

SMV- Favourite hood drink? F*&$ the henny...

ETH- Woodstock son!!!!

SMV- Favourite hood take out? F*&$ maccas...

ETH- The Roast joint by my house or that little red caravan in Taupo with the take out boil up and fry bread ahhahah meanist!!

SMV- Favourite barber?

ETH- I like them cats at Grey lynn Barbers
but there was this joint in Brooklyn by Kirks house that was dope!

SMV- Top 3 MCs?

ETH- To many to name but in no particular order but ill go with these three for now ahaha

* Ghostface killah
* Jay z
* Pusha T from the Clipse

SMV- Top 5 Hip Hop albums?

ETH- Again one of the toughest questions in hip hop and there are to many to name but:

* Dr Dre - Chronic 2001
* Clipse - Hell hath no fury
* Jay z - Black Album
* 2pac - All eyes on me
* Outcast - Aquemini

but i have way more, thats hard as to answer,

ETH- Could i ask you a question? What are 5 Albums you can listen to front to back without skipping a single joint on it?

SMV- Damn...1st pick is Jay-Z 'The Blue Print' then...

Snoop Dogg - Doggy Style
Wu Tang Clan - 36 Chambers
Nas - Illmatic
Raekwon - Only Built for cuban linx


SMV- Shout outs?

ETH- Firstly to you bro for taking time out to do this!

I just want to shout out to my family and everybody involved in the making of me as a person and the album!

respect to everyone that has ever been into my music or are about to be into it!

thanks to Move the Crowd,Breakin Wreck and universal records for their hard work and time!

To my loyal friends who have helped out hardist with everything,and to anyone who reads this thanks for your time!

"rise of the rare"





Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mixmaster Mike In Auckland

The Gods in the building! seen this on the Back2Basics website

On Friday May 30 (next Friday!) catch the infamous and pioneering Mixmaster Mike, DJ to the Beastie Boys and founding member of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz, arguably the greatest DJ collective the world has ever seen.

On the night Mike will see support from DJ Sir-Vere, DJ Manchoo plus Truent & D Form.

From 10 ‘til late at Fu Bar, Auckland. Tickets available from Real Groovy, Beat Merchants and DMC High St.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Congrats DJ IMPACT

Congrats to the bruda mike aka DJ IMPACT from Htown who won the Christ City Scratch champs last weekend. Das w'sup hamo!

Placings were

1st Impact
2nd Tricq
3rd Turksta

But arghh i heard there were only 4 entrants? Damn i guess battlin' aint IN anymore sheesh!

Patience is mah'f*%$a!!!

Thanks for your patience. Check back real soon! btw theres a peak JUST A PEAK! I get the real up soon!


Recently i was chillin' with TS crew members Juse1, Kerb & Spex & i was excited to tell them about Al Greens new project with ?uest love. They were like 'oh shit aint he dead yo"? haha. Far from it brah! I just had a listen *cough* ill buy the barstid dont you worry!
Check what EMIgroup had to say...
The project features the sophisticated R&B voices of singer-songwriters John Legend, Anthony Hamilton and Corinne Bailey Rae, and it was co-produced with Green by two of hip-hop’s most innovative players, drummer Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson from the Roots and keyboardist James Poyser, the go-to guy for high-profile artists ranging from Erykah Badu to Common. Add in Brooklyn’s celebrated Dap-King Horns (Sharon Jones, Amy Winehouse), guitarist Chalmers “Spanky” Alford (Mighty Clouds of Joy, Joss Stone) and bassist Adam Blackstone (Jill Scott, DJ Jazzy Jeff), among others, and you’ve got a modern soul-music dream team, fronted by the most expressive voice in the business.

“The reason why we are doing this is because we all idolize Al Green,” declares
?uestlove. “Even today, nobody has range like him

P-Money gives away Instrumentals

The bros on some monotoring net behaviour type shit over here Check his beats out they fo free fool! you wish! lol


seen this over at MTCs blog! Ma man!

Suge gettin' old! Sav just gettin' started!

Yeah this last weeks news bite me!

Suge got knocked the fugg outt! & Sav signed a world wide deal with Universal republic hella yeah! full press release here

Monday, April 28, 2008

Premo vs Pete Rock vs Serato

On Friday April 18th, 2008, a historic event in Downtown Los Angeles went down as two of hip hop's most recognized DJ's and producers were side by side tearing the shit up outta old skool breaks. The event was billed a a battle but basically it was just 2 legends droppin heat. I wish i was there. Check em co-signing Serato yo! So all you hard headed DJs frontin' on serato needa break yo'self! lol

Young Sid - My Letter

Peep the new vid from MTCs Young Sid. Bruvas another mixtape soilder i been fuckin with for a minute now. He features on stealth mode 3, speed of sound 2 & my next release Tha Ghetto Blast. Check it.

FUCK THE POLICE! r.i.p Sean Bell

This is bullshit in its purest form yo. How the fuck you gonna shoot a man on his wedding 50 times because you thought he had a gun on him? One cop shot 31 bullets! str8 fuck the pigs yo! Rest in peace bruva.

check it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sean_Bell#Shooting_incident

Saturday, April 19, 2008

PRODIGY aka Pewee & HAVOC aka Kiwi?

This is a cool interview Prodigy had with Pete Rosenberg of hot97 before P went inside. I kinda wondered in the past how P & Hav met back in the day & P breaks it down real cool. I had to crack up at the part where Hav gets lifted in the air & all the kids chant 'Kiwi, kiwi, kiwi!'lol & ayyyyyyyyyyyeeeee @ nicole kidman digs Mobb Deep? Sheeiiitttt!


Tablists around the country will
be happy to know that the DMCs are back! yep August 2nd @ zen bar in Auckland city. The homie DJ Pause is runnin' the show. There are no regionals.... If you want to enter you're gonna have to go to Auckland. If they get loads of entries there will be an elimination round during the day and the top DJ's will go thru to the evening event. If you're keen watch here for up-dates. http://www.thesouledouthiphopshow.blogspot.com

AL GREEN works on new album with ?UEST LOVE, JOHN LEGEND ect...


2much alright boys. It's pumpin' in htown this weekend & i'm in Tok working n shit. v8s are on & the shit looks crazy on TV. My frankton zoo homies live right where the track is & i've seen the track been built over the past year, it's dope...shit looks like a video game in the streets. Anyway right next to the track is the very field the Chiefs took the Crusaders out on friday in a 18-5 victory. 2much to ol Sivivatu and prop Simms Davison on the 2 tries. I thought the red & black were gonna 2nd half our asses but our defence was on! balls are hairy! I dunno tho, the red machine is always on & its only their 1st loss. Fuck it 'LICK MY PATU' hahaha! mean mills mean!


My man Ash aka Ethical has been puttin' in the hard yards & shits about to pay off for my king country bruva. I been gettin' down with homie for a while now on the mixtape buzz & the brotha is str8 up cool. BreakinWreck & MTC have announced the release date of 'Ages Turn' & it will be out in NZ May 20th. Also the video to 'On My Throne' will be available end of this month. Big upz to Eth. The bro has a weekly blog on youtube check it out...Did he say 24 verses in 9 days? Sheeitttt!


This is wusup yo. Flowz of the Welli Footsouljahs has just released his debut album 'In the heart of the city'. Im a fan of the brotha myself so if you're like me you'd also know this has been a long time coming but worth the wait. Every track is mean but i like 'The boys coming & Got my eye on you'. I heard his CDs went on shelf as of the 14th of April so support the real fam.
The tracklisting goes like...
01. Intro - My promise to you
02. Keep Runnin
03. Back in the Building
04. The Boys Coming
05. Hit You In Your Bone Gristle
06. Pushing Beyond The Mark
07. Got My Eye On You
08. When I need Somebody
09. One Step Away
10. History In The Making


If you haven't heard of WELLI DEEP well basically the shit is like Voltron in a hurricanes jersey yo! It is a collective of Welingtons underground HipHop crews under one flag. That shit is dope if you ask me.
Anyway the homies 44meta4z are hosting the 2nd Welli Deep gig of the year on Thurs 24th April @ Valve bar on Vivian st. Wellington. This promises to be a phat night...The line up is DJ Kerb, Omega-B, The Wanderers, Darksidahz, MC AL, Illasouljah Krew, Chozin Few, Juse1, Phatty Lumpkins & Infamous Horiz.


Niggaz is live on air now!