Monday, January 5, 2009

Ermehn feat. Chong Nee 'I love the way' Video

Happy New Year n all that shit!

Once again i aint been doing the regulars on here but not to worry. I dont wanna go on about the same shit as the other 5million bloggers are anyway.

Since my last post i been the same ol me. Recording heaps. Smokin heaps. & had lots of fun over Christmas & new years with the fam & my gz. Big love to my wandererin' brothas from Welli for coming up for a few & hangin out at the zoo (not the real zoo, more like the hiphop central in Hamilton).

I hate the start of a new year & i love it too. You make all these goals & kick shit off blazing! then sum shit fucks you over in say about april & you find yourself wonderering off track haha.

Not this year tho. Im gettin' too old for excuses. Im a see yous down grind alley!

Peace to the cuz Big.T & MTC on the new vids to kick 09 off.