Friday, December 24, 2010


As promised here it is... Shout out to the boys for making this happen.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Thursday, December 2, 2010


My right hand man has recently signed with Move The Crowd. This is huge for h-town. I've known Koma for a long time and i know he has a lot of stories to tell and good messages to be heard. This signing is exactly what he needed and we're (htown fams) all excited for his new venture.
Check this MTC remix of 'Champ on the rise' featuring Sir-T and Derty Sesh produced by myself.

Monday, November 15, 2010


I thought since i've been avoiding my child which is (This Blog) i might sit here for a few and let you guys know what's been going on. After putting out a gang of mixtapes this year my attention has been totally focused on my crew and our music. I've been working long hours along side my mans Hitz (other producer in Villains and member of Funk Village) recording the crew, mixing down tracks and working promo. (see i dont just drink all day leaf!)
We've started our movement and have a few songs up for listen as you see here...

VILLAINS: C.O.T.R featuring my FCS partner KOMA and my brother Tha N.I

This song was originally recorded on a $2 mic back in 2008. We decided the other day to dig it up n re-do it. Shit sounds like old verses too.

VILLAINS - Champ on the rise by VILLAINS

VILLAINS: 2MANYMCS featuring myself (yep i rap), Tha N.I, Koma, Jet-G and Z.O

Another song from 2008 we re-did and has become an Anthem in htown.


The 'City Of Villains' mixtape drops in DEC 2010 and is basically Koma and myself introducing a small part of the htown underground to the masses.

The Villains first out of town show is in Welli Dec 11th @ Madusa Bar.

Hope you guys dig the music, i know it's that shit your girl looks at you and goes "what the fuck?".
It's just us doing us! I was gonna explain where the name Villains came from but we have the ayebro
crew coming through to film us this week and i will save it for then.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

90's House Party - Hamilton

26th November me & the homie will be having an end of the year bash. Taking it back!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Wrong Kidz - Funk Village (VILLAINS)

Funk Village (Hitz & Kortaz) have been around for years as a solid rock in the H-town hiphop community. The boys have their own unique sound with Hitz on the boards & both him & kortaz on the mic. Im pretty wrapped that they're slowly gonna release their music for all to hear. They're great live & have a massive 'head nod' element to their show.
Funk Village are also members of H-town supergroup Villains.
This track will be featuring on the up-coming 'City of Villains' mixtape Dec 2010 mixed by myself & DJ Impact.
Wrong Kidz - Funk Village by VILLAINS

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Statehouse records has been supplying a good half of my work this year. Our latest effort in bringing you new music for the streets consists off 'Back Yard Home Grown' by Tha Movement & 'Episodes of a Hustla' by Mr Sicc. Also on a side note my crew buddy Koma & I feature on 'BYHG' with a song called 'Drama in the club'



Saturday, September 18, 2010


4 Corners - The Lair - Interview

4 Corners - The Lair - On The Downlow 2007

4 Corners - The Lair - Never 2007

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Tape: SICCFACE - Tha Killa & Tha Lunatic

I actually whipped this tape up a couple months ago. Good to see it finally available for FREE download over at Statehouse.

01. Intro
02. Tha Killa & Tha Lunatic
03. Memories Feat. Young Sid
04. Dopeman
05. Put Ya Colours On
06. Real
07. Who Am I?
08. Rain On Em Feat. Jamillions
09. Bullet & A Target
10. Ridin Round Feat. Young Sid
11. This Life’s A Bitch
12. Body In The Lake
13. Round Here
14. My Bitch Feat. J-Dubb
15. Down South
16. Thru the Pain Feat. Jamillions
17. City Streets Feat. Monsta Ganjah
18. Never Find Me


24th September, Hamilton @ FLOW 266 Victoria Street.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


New tape i mixed for 833 records. Head over to Statehouse for you FREE download, along with other tapes i've done for Mr. Sicc, Tha Movement & Pakkz.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I had the op to connect with a couple of these dudes last thursday at there radio show up at RDU in Christchurch. Good lads & talented mahfuckas! Watup to the horse BasicOne!

MONSTA - Long Beach Raised Me

new MONSTA (Ganjah) video: Long Beach Raised Me.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Hamilton's number one hiphop/rap event is back and this time round we have my mans TyTy in the building. This is gonna be huge! HTOWN!

Official info & flier will be up in 2 weeks.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nike 6.0 Commercial's feat. THE RZA

Nike's latest TV ads feature RZA in the studio kockin' beats for BMX rider Garrett Reynolds, surfer Kolohe Andino and motocross rider Ryan Dungey.

Diggin' it!

RZA remixes for Garrett Reynolds

RZA remixes for Kolohe Andino

RZA Remixes for Ryan Dungey


My manz Young Pakkz has given 'Killemwitsteez vol.1' a home. Check it our at DatPiff


As promised. Visit for your FREE download.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Nesian Mystik's 4th Album (And maybe last?) titled 99AD hits stores today & you can pick it up on itunes aswell (which has shot straight into top 5). If you're in Australia just change your iTunes settings to NZ and you can pick up easy as pie.

Saber had to this to say about the meaning behind the title of the album...

And on that note i thought i'd share with you fine folks where DMON's "It's a Taniwhaaaaaa" line comes from... We were chillin downing a few cold ones on the balcony of the Le Grand Hotel in Hamilton and the topic of conversation was BOY the movie... which further encouraged me to ask the boys if they had ever seen "Came a hot Friday" If you're from the 80s you'll know what I'm referring to. Unfortunately my age was evident and the Nesian's hadn't seen it nor heard about it. Anyhow Billy T James (R.I.P) plays a crazy maori boy that thinks he's a mexican cowboy and in one of the scenes a burning building is floating down the river and Billy T is screaming out "It's a Taniwhhhhhhhhhaaa" while blasting his toy gats in the air lol So anyway one too many drinks later and you can take a guess what our saying for the rest of the night was... Dry? ... nah... Just a good way to document good times by chucking it in a video mate lol Kef!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Street Fighter vs. Tekken Officially Announced

Ohhh man excited much?

Yes, it's happening: During Capcom's Super Street Fighter 4 panel at Comic-Con today, a trailer was shown off for Street Fighter X Tekken for PS3 and Xbox 360, the official name for the game pitting characters from two of the most popular fighting game series ever against each other for the first time.
The announcement came in what almost sounds like the promotion for an epic wrestling match -- the proceedings of the panel were suddenly interrupted (very deliberately, of course) by producers of the Tekken series, and this was followed by a trailer that made the game official (we should have some footage up soon). Evidently SSF4 producer Yoshinori Ono first approached Tekken 6 producer Katsuhiro Harada about the idea, since Ono heard Harada was a Street Fighter fan.


GENOCIDE – The TakeOver ft. FourD and DJ Trickalome

I came across this on AYEBRO. Really feeling it. Cuts are dope & Genocide's the mantis! Check his website out HERE

Genocide - The TakeOver Ft. FourD & DJ Trickalome by Genocide


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Just finished touching this up. It's a lil trip back in time with West Auckland's finest Pakkz & Albino. Don't blink this will be available very soon via 833. Shout out to Tyson tyler who's tape titled "Paper Chase" is also still fresh out the box...You can download that for FREE right HERE

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MAREKO - Live on True School Hip-Hop Show

Whatta got my broadband back & posting up hardout guy. I know i'm late but fuck i just wanted to post this anyway. Rex killin' the airwaves prior to the Evolution release party that went down the weekend before last lol kef!

FASHAWN – Ode To Illmatic [Mixtape]

Dope concept & worth a listen. Hosted by DJ Green Lantern.



New street single from MONSTA produced by Twice as Nice. Head over to & pick it up for FREE

Monday, July 19, 2010


Jay-Z & DJ Green Lantern – Creative Control

Wish this was a brand new tape but i am a fan of both men. Green has put together a compilation of music he's done with/for Jay-Z over the years.

1. Intro
2. Advantage Carter (Prod. By Green Lantern)
3. Welcome 2 Atlanta V103 Feat. Young Jeezy & DJ Greg Street
4. Jay’s Back ASAP
5. Live In London
6. Green Magic
7. Brooklyn Sound Boy
8. Child Abuse (Prod. By Green Lantern)
9. Jay-Z Speaks On Green Lantern
10. Flashy Life
11. Got Me On My Shit (Prod. By Green Lantern)
12. Pimp Stroll (Prod. By Green Lantern) Feat. Lil’ Wayne & Dante Hawkins
13. Conspiracy Theory Freestyle
14. Sweet (Prod. By Green Lantern)
15. Only 1 Hov Accapella
16. Can’t Knock Da Hustle (Green Mix)
17. Good Old Days (Green Mix) Feat. 2Pac & Styles P
18. Wishing On A Star (Green Mix) Feat. 50 Cent, Freeway & N.O.R.E.
19. Who You With (Green Mix)
20. H.O.V.A. (Green Mix)
21. My Nigga Jigga (Green Mix)
22. Stuck In This Life (Green Mix)
23. This Shit Right Here (Live @ American Gangster Tour)
24. Dirt Off Ya Shoulder (Crunk Mix) Feat. 50 Cent
25. Invasion Interlude
26. Home Of 9/11 (Prod. By Green Lantern) Feat. Cam’ron & Juelz Santana
27. Life Of Party (Prod. By Green Lantern)
28. Jay-Z Speaks w/ Green Lantern & Greg Street
29. Heart Of The City Feat. Dante Hawkins (Live From Dublin)
30. Beautiful Hustle Feat. 2Pac & Mary J. Blige
31. Fronting (Green Mix) Feat. Loyd Banks, Rah Digga & Memphis Bleek
32. Top Down (Prod. By Green Lantern) – Memphis Bleek
33. Barack Obama Speaks On Hip Hop
34. Lick A Shot (Yes We Can)
35. We Run This Feat. Lil’ Wayne & Rihanna
36. Marcy & They Shooting (Live In London) Feat. Nas (Bonus)


Sunday, July 18, 2010


When i work with an artist on their tape i work with them because i think they're music is dope. That's my first part of the process. I already knew Tyse was ill. I met our mans back when he was 14 maybe in like 2001 02 or something. I went along to the MC1 battle finals in Auckland (legendary battle/scam/whatever you wanna call it) and he was in the entrance looking like he was tryna get a peep or even sneak into the battle. I've watched him progress as an MC over the years from been that youngin' in the Dawnraid 'Str8 from tha streets' project to been a heavy hitter for Breakin Wreck, and you can tell he loves this shit. I don't usually listen to tapes i've done but im on the 6th rotation of this new 'Paper Chase' mixtape. Tyse is on his game right now and every track is dope over heavy beats. Shout outs to Neesh, Derty Sesh, Ethical, Sir-T, Pakkz, Iceman, Nikki Montana & Vinnie Vicetti who all feature through out this tape. DOWNLOAD HERE

Sunday, June 27, 2010

DECEPTIKONZ - evolution video


Back in the day (2002 or 03) i did this tape for BreakinWreckWordz titled 'Fuck Music' vol.1. I first met Cyphanetik in Wellington 2002 when he was visiting from Australia (his place of residence at the time). We had conversed prior via HHNZ & he buzzed me out when i heard a song by him & Tourettes called 'Hey Kids'. When Netik finally moved back to NZ he told me about his indie label he was starting up & asked me if i would mix their 1st release. I stumbled across this online & realized i haven't heard this tape in years. One of the stand out points (there are many) of this tape is it documents early David Dallas material when he was under the alias 'Con Psy' (prior 'Not Many' era). Anyway i've re-up'd it for your download pleasure. Your lil history lesson on this sunday evening. Word!

1 Con Psy - Bootleg Freestyle
2 Cyphanetik - Rugged Freestyle
3 Cyphanetik & Con Psy - Most Vainest
4 Usual Suspects - Lock & Load
5 Saia - Unseen Mixtape Freestyle
6 Cyphanetik , Muse, Quest & Fact - Packed Freestyle
7 Con Psy - ABC Mixtape Freestyle
8 Insomniacs - Hey Kids
9 Askew - Stand Down
10 Cyphanetik - I Am The Slime
11 Tourettes - Revolution Freestyle
12 Con Psy - Enigma Pt 1
13 Tourettes - Bottom Feeder Freestyle
14 Dark Star - Canibus Central Freestyle
15 Quest - Op Shop Model
16 Tourettes- Afterlife
17 Quest - Come With Me
18 Al - Bla Bla Freestyle


Friday, June 25, 2010


Check my man RAIZA out. Raiza's been on the grind for a good minute now. Currently resides in Hamilton and def got skillz! Raiza has been on the road with Dj Manchoo and they are just wrapping up the 'Winter White Tour'

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sir T - Status On Attack

Below is a video put together by Sir-T on the release of his new tape 'Get ready' Filmed at MTC hq.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hosted by Young Sid and mixed by DJ SMV.

"Get Ready" Tracklist: DOWNLOAD HERE

1. Intro
2. On That Grind
3. Got'em Moving (Featuring Neesh)
4. Explosive
5. Interlude (Derty Sesh)
6. Status on Attack
7. Not2BFukdWit (Featuring Pakkz)
8. Interlude (Young Sid)
9. Just Dippin (Featuring Derty Sesh)
10. Call Me (Featuring Young Sid)
11. Interlude (Ethical)
12. Don't Know How to Take Me (Featuring Ethical)
13. Lose my Cool
14. Successful
15. Get Ready
16. Down Like This
17. Don't Need No1 Else (Featuring Vinny Viccetti)
18. Outro (Young Sid)
19. Already Been Done (Featuring Nume aka Big Freshh)

Shout out to SIR-T!!!


If you head over to ASKEW1's website here he gives a real good insight into his role as art director for the Deceptikonz latest project. It's a dope read & it had me reminiscing of the first time i saw the Dkonz play live & when i 1st heard their music. I'll save that story for a couple of cold ones lol.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

JAY ROACHER - In The Mouth Of Madness EP

If you head over to the BWW blog site you can cop you a free download of a track from the upcoming Jay Roacher EP - In The Mouth Of Madness. The EP will be available on iTunes and from the BWW website 19th June 2010!


My dude BASICONE released his 'Sixteen Sixteens Mixtape' cut up by yours truly today on Ayebro. Head over there DOWNLOAD NOW.


If you head over to the new & improved ripitup website you can download a New 8 track Deceptikonz EP FREE. All you have to do is register with ritup and you're away. The new Dkonz ish is ILL!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Royce Da 5′9″ - Bar Exam 3 (Mixtape)

One of my fav dudes right now. Been looking forward to this for aggggeees! 2 days early even! MEAN!

1. Intro (Most Interesting Man In The World)
2. The Most Interesting Man
3. Go Hard Pt. 1 (Feat. Kid Vishis)
4. On Fire (Feat. Crooked I)
5. Skit
6. Real Hip Hop (Feat. Black Milk & Elzhi)
7. Acapella
8. It’s Over Freestyle
9. Nobody Fuckin’ Wit Us (Feat. Bun B, Crooked I & Joe Budden)
10. Airplanes Freestyle
11. Most Interesting Man In The World Skit #2
12. Beamer, Benz or Bentley (Shady Megamix)
13. I Hate Your Pants (Skinny Jeans)
14. Forever Freestyle
15. In The Club
16. Most Interesting Man In The World Skit #3
17. Go Hard Pt. 2 (Feat. Kid Vishis)
18. Vagina
19. Psycho (Skit)
20. Psycho
21. Drama (Feat. Trick Trick & Junes Flow)
22. I’m Not Slaughterhouse (Interview)
23. 187 (Saigon Response)
24. Most Interesting Man In The World Skit #4
25. Taxi Driver
26. Iceman Skit
27. Lyrical Hitman (Feat. MarvWon)
28. Most Interesting Man In The World Skit #5
29. Spark Yo Brain


DECEPTIKONZ - We Here featuring David Dallas [VIDEO]

The third video from DECEPTIKONZ forthcoming final group album EVOLUTION

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MONSTA 'Allow me to re-introduce myself" EP

Monsta Gunjah as we more commonly know him, released his EP yesterday (24th May) in stores & online titled "Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself" through Dawnraid / Universal. The 9 track EP features guests such as Akon, YuckMouth, Mareko, Tech9 & Gangsta Rid to name a few. Word is that Dawnraid are in negotiations to sign distribution deals for Monsta & Savage. Awesome news. Read more here at the Dawnraid blog site.


Sunday, May 23, 2010


My south island homie MC Basicone has been submitting 16 bar verses to the Ayebro blog site for the last...well 15 weeks? My man asked me if i would chop all 16 up for your listening pleasure in the form of a mixtape. Above is the art-work.
I thought i'd also let you guys know that we are workin' on a lil sumin' sumin' where i make the beats n homie spits the raps. Just some good ol boom bap shit! Peep one of the demos below. Note: i will leave it up for a limited time then it will be taken down.

Basicone - Come Taste The Danger by DJ SMV


This kid is nasty! Jay hails from Christchurch city & has been in the game doing his thing for a minute now. I rate dude right up there with the best of them. I've had him on my Stealth Mode series (part 3 to be exact) & ever since i've been a fan.
This is his latest tape which i might add has been mixed by the Master himself DJ Alphabethead. How rare is that? I don't think i've heard or come by a rapper gettin' Dave to mix his or her tape, feel free to correct me if im wrong. When i saw this naturally i got excited.
So here it is, go to the Breakinwreck blog now n get yah download on! FOR FREE!

Shout to Jay, Dave, Grimeworx & the Wreck... oh & birthday boy Cyphanetik. Good on yah bros!

Peep the vid of Alphabethead below at the 2002 DMCs in London reppin' NZ

01. Jay Brings the Terror
(Produced By Alphabethead)

02. Wrong With Me
(Produced By Netts)

03. Don’t Be Nervous
(Produced By Flying Lotus)

04. It Ain’t Easy Freestyle
(Produced By Agallah)

05. The Trip/Pages Freestyle
(Produced By Soul Purpose)

06. More Or Less Freestyle
(Produced By Kanye West)

07. Dead Wrong/Phantasm Freestyle
(Produced By Jake One)

08. Trapped
(Produced By Alphabethead)

09. Flashing Lights Freestyle
(Produced By Kanye West & Eric Hudson)

10. Flashing Lights Beat Juggle

11. Naughty Stewardesses (Intermission)

12. They Know Freestyle
(Produced By Balis Beats)

13. All My Friends Are Half Dead (Cyphanetik & Orakle)
(Produced By 44)

14. Chedda Get Low (Hash)
(Produced By Scream Misery)

15. Feels So Good
(Produced By Netts)

16. Feels So Good (Shakuhachi Glitch Remix)

17. Hopeless Freestyle

18. Psych-Out!
(Produced By Oh No)

19. Lithium Romp
(Produced By Alphabethead)

20. Mouthwash (Kate Nash Cover)


A big pat on the back to the brothers, they sure know how to make poly party music. 'Sun Goes Down' peaked at number three on the New Zealand Singles Chart, and was certified gold in its seventh week on the charts. It has since been certified platinum.
The track has been a success on New Zealand radio, particularly on Urban Radio Stations nationwide. The track ascended to number one on 16 March 2010. Balls are hairy!