Wednesday, June 4, 2008

FRINGS Whangarei

I was in Whangarei last thursday night with the rest of the camp enjoying our 1st day of the tour untill... hello! no supermarkets open? so we couldn't buy any piss. & that's a code red on any HipHop tour! It was about 10, 11pm by then & my good friend Dallas from the H had a hook up for us. His uncle runs a bar in Whangarei. It's a place called FRINGS. A bar & restraunt that serves mean steak burgers & the hella nice home brew. We were all introduced to the Smoking Gun! yum yum! You can buy a bottle for $10 smackers. MEAN! It's all organic & they have wines aswell. But yo i fully support the Smoking Gun family! Get you some!
Just Don't take 10 bottles for the bus ride home unless you're prepared for a long ass night!
Peace to Darren at Frings

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