Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Haps!

Man im chillin' for 5 right now. I just wrapped up the LoMoney mixtape. These dudes are from South Auckland.They been on the grind for a while now & im happy as with the sound of their tape. The Ghetto Blast has been finished for a while but the bullshit behind the scenes as far as getting it out goes is ratshit. None the less when the God shit drops yall gonna be some happy mofos. Straight 80mins of Aotearoa HipHop. I have to apologise for saying in my back2basics interview that it is out now. Spoke ahead of time n got slapped back lol. But you know how i do so dont worry about what the fuck i be doin'!
I gotta whole bunch of mail to send today. I dunno who's been spreading the word but cats are hollarin' for beats left right & centre. I have to apologise in advance if i aint get to you straight away. I only have two hands n shits real busy. None the less im greatfull.
I'm heading to auckland tonight. The Urban Playground tour starts 2mrow. I'm lookin' forward to catching up with the bro Neezy. One cool dude to tour with. The line up is a mean selection of talent, check the flier beneath. We're in Whagarei tommorow & Auckland on friday. The gigs are all ages. So thats cool. The kids get to enjoy aswell.
I've been fortunate enough to go on a few tours. My 1st when i was with the Dubious Click in 2002. It was called the 'Power Play Tour'. We traveled & played with Katchafire, D2S, DJ Sirvere & Savage & MZRE. That was a cool eye opener. Since then i've been able to tour with Tyna & JB, Nesian Mystik, Chong Nee, Adeaze ect... Tour is definately work but shit is mad fun too!
I gots me a monthly spot playing in Whangarei, Welli & Christchurch every last weekend of the month so im a update yall on that towards the end of this tour. Should be exciting.
I'll stop there my 5 is up...& i dont wanna say 2much. But yo!... A heap of new Aotearoa Hip Hop shit has dropped over the last month. Flowz 'In the heart of the city', Mareko 'White Sunday 2', & Ethical 'Ages Turn' so get you some people!
A quick shout out to everyone for their patience, love, support & hate.

Ludd you mayne

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