Monday, April 28, 2008

Premo vs Pete Rock vs Serato

On Friday April 18th, 2008, a historic event in Downtown Los Angeles went down as two of hip hop's most recognized DJ's and producers were side by side tearing the shit up outta old skool breaks. The event was billed a a battle but basically it was just 2 legends droppin heat. I wish i was there. Check em co-signing Serato yo! So all you hard headed DJs frontin' on serato needa break yo'self! lol

Young Sid - My Letter

Peep the new vid from MTCs Young Sid. Bruvas another mixtape soilder i been fuckin with for a minute now. He features on stealth mode 3, speed of sound 2 & my next release Tha Ghetto Blast. Check it.

FUCK THE POLICE! r.i.p Sean Bell

This is bullshit in its purest form yo. How the fuck you gonna shoot a man on his wedding 50 times because you thought he had a gun on him? One cop shot 31 bullets! str8 fuck the pigs yo! Rest in peace bruva.

check it

Saturday, April 19, 2008

PRODIGY aka Pewee & HAVOC aka Kiwi?

This is a cool interview Prodigy had with Pete Rosenberg of hot97 before P went inside. I kinda wondered in the past how P & Hav met back in the day & P breaks it down real cool. I had to crack up at the part where Hav gets lifted in the air & all the kids chant 'Kiwi, kiwi, kiwi!'lol & ayyyyyyyyyyyeeeee @ nicole kidman digs Mobb Deep? Sheeiiitttt!


Tablists around the country will
be happy to know that the DMCs are back! yep August 2nd @ zen bar in Auckland city. The homie DJ Pause is runnin' the show. There are no regionals.... If you want to enter you're gonna have to go to Auckland. If they get loads of entries there will be an elimination round during the day and the top DJ's will go thru to the evening event. If you're keen watch here for up-dates.

AL GREEN works on new album with ?UEST LOVE, JOHN LEGEND ect...


2much alright boys. It's pumpin' in htown this weekend & i'm in Tok working n shit. v8s are on & the shit looks crazy on TV. My frankton zoo homies live right where the track is & i've seen the track been built over the past year, it's dope...shit looks like a video game in the streets. Anyway right next to the track is the very field the Chiefs took the Crusaders out on friday in a 18-5 victory. 2much to ol Sivivatu and prop Simms Davison on the 2 tries. I thought the red & black were gonna 2nd half our asses but our defence was on! balls are hairy! I dunno tho, the red machine is always on & its only their 1st loss. Fuck it 'LICK MY PATU' hahaha! mean mills mean!


My man Ash aka Ethical has been puttin' in the hard yards & shits about to pay off for my king country bruva. I been gettin' down with homie for a while now on the mixtape buzz & the brotha is str8 up cool. BreakinWreck & MTC have announced the release date of 'Ages Turn' & it will be out in NZ May 20th. Also the video to 'On My Throne' will be available end of this month. Big upz to Eth. The bro has a weekly blog on youtube check it out...Did he say 24 verses in 9 days? Sheeitttt!


This is wusup yo. Flowz of the Welli Footsouljahs has just released his debut album 'In the heart of the city'. Im a fan of the brotha myself so if you're like me you'd also know this has been a long time coming but worth the wait. Every track is mean but i like 'The boys coming & Got my eye on you'. I heard his CDs went on shelf as of the 14th of April so support the real fam.
The tracklisting goes like...
01. Intro - My promise to you
02. Keep Runnin
03. Back in the Building
04. The Boys Coming
05. Hit You In Your Bone Gristle
06. Pushing Beyond The Mark
07. Got My Eye On You
08. When I need Somebody
09. One Step Away
10. History In The Making


If you haven't heard of WELLI DEEP well basically the shit is like Voltron in a hurricanes jersey yo! It is a collective of Welingtons underground HipHop crews under one flag. That shit is dope if you ask me.
Anyway the homies 44meta4z are hosting the 2nd Welli Deep gig of the year on Thurs 24th April @ Valve bar on Vivian st. Wellington. This promises to be a phat night...The line up is DJ Kerb, Omega-B, The Wanderers, Darksidahz, MC AL, Illasouljah Krew, Chozin Few, Juse1, Phatty Lumpkins & Infamous Horiz.


Niggaz is live on air now!