Wednesday, April 21, 2010

YOUNG SID - 'What Doesn't Kill Me' track list


1. "Made" (Produced by Twice As Nice)
2. "Never Waste A Day" feat. Kayo (Produced by Twice As Nice)
3. "You" feat. Deach (Produced by Twice As Nice)
4. "What Don't Kill Me" (Produced by Emile)
5. "Here Then Gone" feat. Melanie Fiona (Produced by Twice As Nice)
6. "Around the World In A Day" (Produced by Emile)
7. "Wanna Be Like..." (Produced by Twice As Nice)
8. "Stuck In A Box" feat. Stan Walker (Produced by Emile)
9. "The Heist" (Produced by Emile)
10. "Taken Away" feat. Tyree (Produced by Emile)
11. "Godfather (I Won't Be Broken)" (Produced by Twice As Nice)

** "As The World Turns" Deluxe album bonus track (Produced by Twice As Nice)
** "You Can Make It" feat. Mr Sicc Deluxe album bonus track (Produced by Twice As Nice)
** "It's Murder" Deluxe album bonus track (Produced by Shuko)
** "What Would You Do" feat. Tyree Deluxe album bonus track (Produced by Twice As Nice)
** "Hard Work" Deluxe album bonus track (Produced by Juse)


"Yo all you kids who wanna get on n shit, just remember this...this shit aint easy! If you aint got it, you aint got it muhfucka! Suckers be coming up to me on some bullshit talkin' about they wanna freestyle n shit...breth stinkin' like a mahfucka, spittin' n shit. Other mahfuckas just wanna stand next to me n hang out. I never did that shit when i wanted to get on! all i did was give a muthafuka a pound, a compliment, n i was out... told him my name!"

Join Koma & Myself tonight on the LRG hiphop show as we celebrate a legend! If you live in Hamilton tune into 88.1fm or stream online by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

Throwback - 4 CORNERS: Transitions

This may sound a bit bias. But this is officially my favorite mixtape i've mixed to date. Reasons?... I guessI like the flow, execution & street feel of the bros music. Plus the tempo is real dope to 'cut up' & mix on the 1s & 2s compared to the slower tempo of hiphop today. 2006 was an exciting time for 4 Corners as i only had 3 or 4 days to do this tape & courier (didn't know how to upload back then izit) it from Wellington (Where i lived at the time) to Auckland on the day of their Album release.
I'll never forget making this tape because it was cold as hell & the cold was literally dripping off the walls in the little room i had my recording equipment in. My fingers were frozen & it was hard to cut & mix lol... nah for-real cunt!
Anyway it's 4 years later & why not share an oldie but a goodie aye?


P-MONEY - 'Everything' Cover & Track list

via P-Money NZ release May 3rd.

1. Everything ft. Vince Harder
2. Say Yeah ft. David Dallas & Aaradhna*
3. The Soul
4. Big Things Pt. 2 ft. Scribe, PNC & David Dallas
5. Falling Down ft. Milan Borich
6. Weak ft. Vince Harder
7. Love Alone ft. Vince Harder*
8. Dance With You ft. PNC, Vince Harder, Meryl Cassie & Mz J
9. Greenlight ft. Scribe
10. Angels
11. Love Alone Remix ft. Vince Harder & David Dallas*
12. Everything Rap Remix ft. Scribe, David Dallas, PNC & Vince Harder
13. Everything ft. Vince Harder - Blame Remix

All songs produced by P-Money
except* produced by P-Money and Ben Grymm

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Yesterday my man Pakkzwun of Fulla Eclipse released his long awaited 'KillemWitSteez' vol. 1. An underground MC & workaholic my mans is on the grind! We had a bit of a yarn for those of you who are not familiar with dude!

1. Ma man! i remember meeting you at a HipHop summit i think. You was a youngin' man, like 14. Im glad to see you still at it in 2010. Why don't you tell em where you're from, where you currently live & who you reppin'?

Chur g,that was a long time ago haha!My names Pakkz,Livin in West Auckland,Reppin Full Eklipse ( FULLA! ),135th Battalion,West Ak Borough Kings & West Auckland as a whole.

2. You've made a reputation for yourself in the mix-tape scene. How many have you released to date? & how has the 'mix-tape' helped you?

Ive released 6 solo mixtapes to date,since like 05.Theyve helped me in more ways than i can say,getting me gigs and heaps of other stuff like exposure on the same radio shows i used to listen to when i was young.Its been priceless,but cool cause on mixtapes im just freelancing saying whatevers on my mind.

3. I notice you work with a lot of different MCs so you've obviously made a lot of connections. How important is it to network with other artists?

Its important to network with other artists so you reach areas people wouldnt be normally be able to access your music.Even the actual creativeness of working with other cats makes networking better,coz you gotta step ya shit up featuring and be on your game.

4. In my experience over the years i've travelled alot just to connect with other hiphop heads. I've bumped into you in a couple places lol. How do you find visiting other hiphop scenes in other towns?

Haha word,Visiting other scenes is dope cause you get to see how people react to your music not being familiar with your surroundings.They give more of a real opinion/reaction to my stuff when im outside of ak.appreciate it more

5. Why are you an MC? what sparked it for you?

Originally i was hard into the battle kinda shit,freestyling n stuff.The creativity and spontaneousness of freestyling had me hooked.These days i just enjoy speaking my mind,keeping my rhymes technical and experimenting in studio.Mad it helps develop me as an artist.

6. Who are the most influential rappers to you? And who are you diggin' right now in the NZ rap scene?

The most influential cats to me are the underground mixtape rappers in the states trying to do their thing,staying hungry coz i can relate to their grind.Plus cats like Nas,Biggie,Big Pun and all the 90s eastcoast shit..In the NZ rap scene i listen to Young Sid,Tyson Tyler,Derty Sesh,West AK Borough Kings,Poisonous youth and most of the other dudes out there going hard in the studio.NZ has produced heaps of classic music i reckon so i listen to all the old stuff aswell.

7. You're about to release Killemwitsteez vol.1 as your 1st release for 2010. Tell me what that's all about?

KillemWitSteez volume 1 is pretty much a street album with all original production,but i wanted it to be mixed by a DJ cause not many people are actually getting DJs to mix their shit.Its mostly hardcore hiphop but i got abit of motivational music on there too..alongside some stuff about how i feel the game has changed since i first came in.Got a few features on there also..just basically having fun and getting more comfortable with my music.

8. I hear you speak about the general state of hiphop in your new music. You ask the question what happened to the battles. Have you entered any in the past? What did they mean to you?

Yeah bro i entered a few battles, none that im particularly proud of but im glad it went as far as it did.I Freestyled in every battle..there were some haters but they didnt have the nuts to get up there and do it and i did so fuck em haha.Why i mentioned it in the music is cause i miss the fun aspect of back then.People werent as standoffish and they were more willing to support etc.its not actually that bad but i reckon there could be more support for up n coming artists.

9. What are thoughts on the Derty Sesh vs Seka thing? i know sesh is your boy. I Dig both of them myself! Shit got exciting on a 'hiphop' buzz for a day or 2 lol

I reckon its cool aye,on a competitive rapping tip cause we got to see another side of both of em.and they had to step it up..Be cool to see some more of the same kinda thing,not on the beef tip but just competitiveness.but nzs kinda too small to do that shit so i dunno.

10. Aite man lets wrap this up...

Codys or Mevericks?

Codys all day.Shit is gangsta the next day but hey,its jeoice.

Sticky or Outdoor?

Both....after some work gets done haha whaaaatever

Burgers or chicken?

Chicken.the hood frogleg joints for when you need tear something up quickly.Or some nandos!or pak n save lol.

Biggie or Pac?

Big for flow/cadence/mc sorta steez and Pac for deep/heartfelt shit and the wild shit he did just before he died.

Kim Kardash or got a missus?

Kim! Or Halle Berrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry!

THA MOVEMENT 'Gettin' Mine' Mixtape

Tha Movement delivers his mixtape 'Gettin' Mine'. It's a good day for Statehouse. Check their site here n download now!

01. Gettin' Mine Intro
02. Came Up From Nothing - DEMO
03. Catch Us On The Block (Featuring: Mr Sicc & Maliciour) - DEMO
04. Salute - DEMO From SuperCity 'City of Sales'
05. Good Ol' Days (Featuring: Mr Sicc & Maliciour) - From Mr Sicc - 'The Fleamarket'
06. Street Warriors (Featuring: 187, Bomar, Big Rocks & Mr Sicc) - From Mr Sicc - 'The Fleamarket'
07. Live On (Featuring: Pieter T) - DEMO
08. Can't Take It (Featuring: MC Arme & Kwest) - DEMO
09. Don't Want It With Us (Featuring: Koma of 4 Corners) - DEMO
10. The Toughest (Featuring: Ermehn) - DEMO
11. Gettin' Mine (Featuring: Hook Banga of Recommended Dosage) - DEMO
12. They Should Understand Me (Featuring: Mr Sicc) - From Mr Sicc - 'Home Invasion'
13. I Put It Down (Featuring: Mr Sicc) - DEMO
14. The Boys (Featuring: Mr Sicc & J-Dubb) - From Mr Sicc Presents: J-Dubb - 'Old Skool Machete Funk'
15. Summer Time (Featuring: Mr Sicc & J-Dubb) - From Mr Sicc Presents: J-Dubb - 'Old Skool Machete Funk'
16. High As A Kite - DEMO

MR SICC 'I Dont Give A Damn' Mixtape

Mr Sicc is at it again!
Check out the Statehouse website n get yah download on!

01. I Don't Give A Damn Intro
02. Body In The Lake (Featuring: Face-Killa) - EXCLUSIVE
03. Street Warriors (Featuring: 187, Bomar, Tha Movement & Big Rocks) - From 'The Fleamarket'
04. Thru The Pain (Featuring: Face-Killa) - NEW From the Sicc-Face album 'From Hell...'
05. Tha Killa & Tha Lunatic (Featuring: Face-Killa) - NEW From the Sicc-Face album "From Hell..."
06. My City (Featuring: J-Dubb) - From 'Old Skool Machete Funk'
07. Violence Is The Only Way (Featuring: Tha Movement & Maliciour) - From 'Home Invasion'
08. Get With The Program - From 'Home Invasion'
09. Teach 'Em Old School (Featuring: Face-Killa & Ermehn) - EXCLUSIVE
10. Heart Of Stone - From 'The Fleamarket'
11. Street Fighter - EXCLUSIVE
12. My Life Is Real (Featuring: Monstah Ganjah) - NEW From 'Cannibal Music'
13. My Place (Featuring: Ermehn, Big Rocks & J-Dubb) - From 'The Fleamarket'
14. Ear To The Street - From 'The Fleamarket'
15. Gangsta (Featuring: J-Dubb) - From 'Old Skool Machete Funk'
16. Bad Temper (Featuring: J-Dubb) - From 'Old Skool Machete Funk'
17. Sicc MuthaFuckas (Featuring: Ermehn) - From 'Home Invasion'

Monday, April 12, 2010




What's Hood!

Just sending out an update of what's going on. First off shout out to my ol school bro, Brendon over in Sydney holding me down via Studio 808. <- Hit the link & get my drift. We're gonna be connecting alot more with dude in the near future. Also shout out to my man Koma for holding down the stage in Welli at the Talib Kweli show. Mean brotha!
I've been on the mixtape grind officially for a good 5 - 6 years now. 2010 has been the most promising so far. Last month i hooked up with Statehouse records to put together 3 tapes for Mr Sicc. The first release 'On Deadly Grounds' is available here. His 2nd tape 'I Don't Give A Damn' will be available this week also. 'Hustlers Ambitions' is next in the pipeline.
I've just finished another tape for my man 'Tha Movement' who is also from Statehouse. His tape will be out next week titled Mr Sicc presents Tha Movement - 'Gettin Mine' mixtape. I really dig the music. Particularly a certain joint he does with Koma from 4 Corners. Shit is bangin'!
Today my man Pakkz from West Auckland dropped 'KillemWitSteez vol.1' which i also mixed. It's mostly original music & produced by local beat makers & DJs. Look out for track 20 featuring myself and koma, and nah im not scratching lol. I will post up the cover, tracklisting and download link in my next post.
Last but not least, Koma and I have scored our own radio show with 88.1 contact fm here in Hamilton. This is the local University site kinda like what bfm is to Auckland. We launch this thursday night at 9pm to 11pm and so on every Thursday after that, bringing you the good hiphop from NZ and abroad. Web streaming is getting set up as we speak and will be availble next month. So for now if you live in hamilton. Tune in yo!
Join the facebook page for our show here.


Saturday, April 10, 2010


DeShaun Dupree Holton (October 2, 1973 – April 11, 2006)

Young Sid - "Here Then Gone" feat. Melanie Fiona

Peace to Young Sid on this track, real talk! Taken from his up-coming album 'What doesn't kill me' droppin' in May!

LewzTheyrn - Street Album

My dude from out here in Hamilton and member of Venomous Mic Technicians has just released his street album
online for free download. Check out the VMT blog for the scoop