Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Never Forgotten

It's Been a year already since my homeboy passed away. I miss you bro! Just wanted to throw you some props & love & let you know you're not forgotten. R.I.P DJ 4Tek

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SAVAGE @ number 1 on US radio

Fuck me this is too good. Seen this over at MTCs blog

Beating out new tracks from Ice Cube and Ricky Ross, "Swing" takes pole position as the #1 most added track at the Rhythm Crossover format this week. This is a huge start for the Savage at U.S radio with 30+ stations adding "Swing" to their playlists, including stations in major markets such as Dallas, Houston, Salt lake City, San Diego and San Francisco.

To be clear... the Crossover panel includes stations such as Hot 97 in NY and ATL, whereas Power in NY is the urban station. It is not a Top 40 format, although there are top 40 leaning stations on the Crossover panel. "Swing" is set to impact at the urban format in a week.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Biggie Smalls demo tape

Some cool shit to download incase you never got to here the Kings demos.

1. Unsigned Hype Demo Tape
2. Another Rough One (Demo)
3. Biggie With the Hype Shit ('92 Demo)
4. Do What You Wanna Do ('93 Demo)
5. Macs & Dons
6. Blazing Chronic
7. Can I Get With Ya (Version with Extra Verse)


Nas & Green Lantern 'The Nigger Mixtape'

New Nas Tape with Green lantern

01 Nas - Intro
02 Gangsta Rap (Remix)
03 Cops Keep Firing
04 Hero
05 Feat. Johnny Polygon - Black President
06 Feat. Stic.Man - Association
07 Legendary (Mike Tyson)
08 Feat. Joell Ortiz - Ghetto (Remix)
09 Seen It All (Green Mix)
10 Esco Let's Go
11 N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave & The Master)
12 Feat. Dante Hawkins - Be A Nigger Too (Remix)
13 Surviving The Times (Original Cool & Dre Version)
14 Nas Timeline (Mixed By Statik Selektah)
15 Richard Pryor - Outro

Kurupt - Take off

Obviously im excitted about the mixtape! Cant w8!

It's Gangsta Grillz you bitttttttttttches!

Eminem prank calls LL on Tony Touch show!

Haha this shit is dope! So Eminem calls up shade45 during Tony Touches show & goes under the name Jason from Miami. LL's buzzing out at dude reciting word for word, flow for flow some of his classics joints.
I love been a fan of this Hip Hop shit. Infact the 1st record i ever owned (cough stole) was LL Cool Js 'Bigger & Deffer'.
Even in our own lil country. I've been a fan of cats like 4corners, Dam Native & Che Fu for the longest time. & some of them are close friends of mine now. But i aint too cool to take it back like a lil kid & say yup im a Fan!

Anyway check Ems call here

Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur

Today is Tupacs birthday. He would've been 37 now. He was my favourite rapper hands down. I would follow his music religously like millions of others around the world. Not too many 3rd formers were walking to school bangin' '2Pacalypse Now'in their walkman. I remember when 'Me against the world' dropped & news was he was in jail & the album went number one. I was like 'ohhhhhhhh shit' lol
Anyway i dunno about where your from but in my hood when you walk into a mahfuckas house theres usually 2 faces hangin' on the living room wall. Tupac & Bob Marley, real talk!
I know he was'nt the most lyrical powerhouse of the MC breed. & i've had some of my homies hate on that. But some people just don't understand that it was more then lyrics. He was a leader. My people could relate to his struggle & pain in one way or another. He spoke the truth. There's no MC IMO right now that represents the people (especially black) the way pac did.
Anyways i could go on forever. Happy Birthday to the King!

Check out 'Dear Pac' by Crooked I courtesy of Dubcnn

Sumin' for the ladys like Chong nee uso!

Last winter Nezzy & flowz were in Htown & i played host while the usos were in town. Anyway myself & Koma linked up with the brothers at kfc carpark downtown & the fam were drinkin' on some codys bangin' this new Erhmen joint from the ryde. Fuck me the shit is hot! & thanks to PNC over at Slicktalk you can get you some here shit is too dope! Props neezy & Erhmen!

Dogg Pound Gangsta Grillz

Oh hell yeh hell yeh! DPG are teaming up with DJ Drama for the release of their Dogg Pound Gangsta Grillz Mixtape. I'm lookin' 4ward to this shit.
Heres a track Kurupt busts over kanyes 'Big Brother' I like this. He's talkin the real. Im a holla when this shit drops!

LIL WAYNE Carter 3

Fuck me! I hate this guy! The dumb lyrics blah blah blah but fuck me! Stupid nigga got me bumpin' my head! The production is hot! I was chillin' with my bruva the K.O the other day n fuck me he rekons 'i like lil waynes shit g'. Then i read over at marekos blog about how hes diggin the lil critter too. So i'm thinkin' aight lemme see whats really good! & fuckkkkkkkkkkk me! 2much alright wezzy! Music is hot! i still hate you tho yah prick!

Check it out people NZ has a new DJ blog up called Scracth Dat. It's pretty much everything DJ from the latest in Turntanlist news to equipment ect... Props to my homie Joe for gettin' this up & running.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

FRINGS Whangarei

I was in Whangarei last thursday night with the rest of the camp enjoying our 1st day of the tour untill... hello! no supermarkets open? so we couldn't buy any piss. & that's a code red on any HipHop tour! It was about 10, 11pm by then & my good friend Dallas from the H had a hook up for us. His uncle runs a bar in Whangarei. It's a place called FRINGS. A bar & restraunt that serves mean steak burgers & the hella nice home brew. We were all introduced to the Smoking Gun! yum yum! You can buy a bottle for $10 smackers. MEAN! It's all organic & they have wines aswell. But yo i fully support the Smoking Gun family! Get you some!
Just Don't take 10 bottles for the bus ride home unless you're prepared for a long ass night!
Peace to Darren at Frings

Monday, June 2, 2008

Marti Wong

One of my Frankton Zoo homies has a cousin that makes sculptures out of metal bits n pieces. Shit is amazing yo! My homie got this big ass Alien sittin' in his lounge. The dude that makes them goes by the name of Marti Wong. Check Him out here


Remember im on tour right now with a bunch of mawfukkas! Whangarei & Auckland was fun. Peace to everyone that came out. Check the flier to see if we in your town or near by! Yeeeeerp!

New Nesian Mystik Video

It's called 'Nesian 101' peoples. I was helpin' Donny build a bar over the weekend & i think he said September is when you can expect the new Nesian Mystik album! Church!

Savage & Green Lantern

Cher too much alright! Whatta cool way to debut a mixtape in the big U.S. Heres the doownlow jacked from the Dawnraid site!

"Savage continues his movement into America with a crazy collaboration Mixtape with New York's iconic DJ Green Lantern.

The new mixtape tilted "Coming To America" is currently being recorded and features classic and new material from the Samoan MC and new exclusive joints produced by DJ Green Lantern and performed by his Future Green artists.

"Coming To America" will feature throwback artwork to the classic comedy by Eddie Murphy + comedy surprises, so be sure to check back in as this unfolds"!!

Taranaki Youth Fest JULY

This years Youth Fest in Taranaki features a bunch of mofos including myself performing & hoolding down workshops for the kids. Check the site here for more info.