Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur

Today is Tupacs birthday. He would've been 37 now. He was my favourite rapper hands down. I would follow his music religously like millions of others around the world. Not too many 3rd formers were walking to school bangin' '2Pacalypse Now'in their walkman. I remember when 'Me against the world' dropped & news was he was in jail & the album went number one. I was like 'ohhhhhhhh shit' lol
Anyway i dunno about where your from but in my hood when you walk into a mahfuckas house theres usually 2 faces hangin' on the living room wall. Tupac & Bob Marley, real talk!
I know he was'nt the most lyrical powerhouse of the MC breed. & i've had some of my homies hate on that. But some people just don't understand that it was more then lyrics. He was a leader. My people could relate to his struggle & pain in one way or another. He spoke the truth. There's no MC IMO right now that represents the people (especially black) the way pac did.
Anyways i could go on forever. Happy Birthday to the King!

Check out 'Dear Pac' by Crooked I courtesy of Dubcnn

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