Thursday, December 31, 2009


Happy New year everyone. Hope Christmas was well spent with your loved ones n all... This is a good way to kick off 2010, Young Sids MADE video.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Bare with me for a

I pride myself in taking great care when i put tapes together. Even when you send me your recordings & the shit is str8 g'd up! I still sit there for hours on end trying to tweek the barstid to an acceptable listen :P But this particular tape here 'Tha Ghetto Blast' pretty much drove me nuts. Like...When you're putting a tape together of music from the states or high profiled artists in NZ you know the quality is gonna be nice, therefore it's easier to mix & EQ . This is not a moan at all by the way. Basically all the tracks presented to me for this tape were recorded in different environments. Also a lot of the beats were locally produced and who has the means by where they can get their shit mix & mastered? Not me anyway.
The day i wanted to release this i basically pulled away because i wasn't happy with it's over all sound & i guess looking back now it had an effect on my motivation to get real busy on it (as you will hear) or maybe im just a fussy cunt!
If anything let me leave you with a bit of advice for 2010. "Up your game in all areas" projecting quality sound is the key to grabbing your listeners ear. Learn how to get the best sound out of your equipment & often compare your sound to a high profiled artists CD. Never stop learning how you can make your product sound dope!
Anyway its been 2 years now (hence why i dont mind telling you all this), and since it's christmas this ones for my real heads out there. Shout out to everyone on this tape & shot out to my uso Juse1 for the cover. Merry Christmas yo! Be safe over the holiday season!


Click HERE to download now!

Tha Ghetto Blast Mixtape by DJ SMV

100% NZ Hiphop

1. Intro
2. The Blast Off. J-Star / Temple Jones / Juse1 / Blaze Murphy
3. Body in a lake. Mr Sicc feat Facekilla
4. Hood Status. Mr LT / Tuone / Blackout
5. Still in the hood. Tyson Tyler
6. My time is now. Pakkz
7. On my throne. Ethical
8. Stomp with me. Young Sid feat Dkays
9. Still love h.e.r. Scribe
10. Bring it to me. Cyphanetik feat. Louie Knuxx & Tyson Tyler
11. The boys coming! Flowz
12. TNT. Seka / Mission
13. Illegal Metaphors. Lo Money
14. Sicc Muthfuckers. Mr Sicc feat. Ehrmen
15. Hush. R.E.S
16. Seats on a 45. Illa Rilla
17. Wont do it again. Tyna & JB
18. The Ghetto Blast. Nikki Montana
19. Freesteelo. Ethical / Dkays
20. First & Last. Juse1
21. Bonus track

Thursday, December 17, 2009

SMVs top 10 Hip Hop albums of the Decade

Ohhh shit here we go. So i had this cool lil yarn on twitter last night with the homies Kage & USOuljah about our personal top 5 albums of the decade. Yup 5! Do you know how fucken hard that is? So i had a think about my top 10 & it just got worse! Im sitting on 12 but im about to say fuck it & just throw up from any random 10 out my list of 12 lol... ok check it...(in no particular order.)

PS: Don't try doing the 90s it's impossible :P

This is my number one album of the decade! Every song is perfect! Lyrics, execution, flow, structure you name it!

All im a say is this album CHANGED THE GAME period!

Haha fuck the voice i love this shit. How u gonna be the man at every track during your whole career (minus the T.I song) & straight kill that shit. Dre on the beats! When this dude dies they'll prolly call him the greatest!

Back in the early Roc days i used to read the credits on albums for producers & Kaynes name would come up. I thought damn what a soulfull dude! Hearing this & learning he could rap aswell was cool! He made you forget he was a beat maker & vice versa. Every joint was ill! Definately changed up the game from the soulfulll un-gangster side of hip hop.

Like 'Get rich or die trying' this is a modern day Dre classic IMO. Dude was new, from the west, Had Dre on the boards & G-Unit by his side. Every song bangs & he just goes for the win!

Slaughthouse (IMO) has reset the train back on its tracks in a decade where this rapshit has gone softt! I love this album for doing that. All the MCs are skilled in their art & it feels like the old shit with a modern twist. DOPE

One of my all time favorite producers came out with this '1st Infantry' back in 2005 & it honestly blew me away. Every beat bangs. & its just that good ol street shit! Nas, Game, Mobb Deep, Cypress Hill, G-Unit, Dblock. How could he loose? ALC

Nas was at his height right here! the battle with Jay-Z was classic & was basically a 'ayo look at us were the kings of NY right now'. There's no question Jay got murdered, stabbed, sliced, diced & gunned down in 'Ether' that song alone wins it for me lol
Also... Stillmatic, Got yourself a gun, One mic, The flyest. Yurrr

To me this was like the new sound but the old sound you know? Like its the new millennium but RZA brought the elements of the old WU with him. Make sense? Well fuck yah then! IN THA HOOD!

DAZ is like a label pimp. He gets what he wants out of a deal n moves on. JD came thru on this album. I love it when the producer knows what hiis artist will sound good over.This is a true testament to that.

BTW way i wanna mention Lil Brother 'The Minstrel Show', G-Unit 'Beg for mercy', Common 'Be', Ghostface 'Fishscale', Royce da 5'9" 'Street Hop', Lil Wayne 'The Carter 3', Jay-Z 'Black Album' ... yeh yeh i know i said 12... I'll stop then :P


Who is Bella Kalolo?

I love hiphop but i love soul too and I appreciate alot of the Queens of this genre young & old like Jill, Alicia, Mary, Pattie, India, Aretha, Gladys, Lauryn n so on n so on...
But who's this lady? All i know is she lives in Welli lol
Shout out to Stevie for pointing this one out. Shes dope!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hella yeah! This is the tape Joell recorded whilst on the 50 day Slaughterhouse tour. If you dont know who Freq is, basically hes
DJ for Slaughterhouse & the mean producer. Hit the link for a listen to his 'Welcome to the Freq Show Mixtape'

Download HERE

Hire Learning

4 Days late on this but....its all good! Props to Usual Suspects & BWW. Awesome to see this finally out!


'If Santa doesn’t come thru for you this December don’t fret because positive rap duo Usual Suspects are giving you their long awaited debut album for Christmas! An official thanks to fans, this release is the Usual Suspects practicing what they preach'.

Click HERE to get your fix of good NZ hip hop.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Real Ace Boogie

If you're a fan of this movie like i am...

then you will find this interesting... This is Azie ex-Harlem Kingpin

Snowman Talk from Gasface on Vimeo.

We See You Jockin Azie !!! (Snowman Talk Part.2) from Gasface on Vimeo.

The Good ol Days pt.6


Blakroc w/RZA - "Dollaz & Sense" & "Tellin' Me Things" live with Jimmy Fallon


We had a blast a couple weeks ago at SwordStyles. Shout out to everyone who came & supported & a BIG thank you to all my homies & crews that got down you know who you are! Also special thank u to the homie DEAP for the pics. Mean bruda!

The Wilton Rhymetank JUSE1 of the WANDERERS

D1 of a kind! from the Wanderers






NIGZ from Frankton Zoo

JET-G & Z.O from Frankton Zoo



CLIPSE 'Till The Casket Drops'...

Is my favourite album right now. Get you some!


MTC has recently released Young Sids new Single 'MADE' produced by the Australian homies Twice as Nice which is available on Itunes now. Head over to the MTC blog site and have a listen. shit is bangin'!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Shouts to Joe Turksta (Elite Forces Bitch! lol) over at Scratchdat for this footage for those of us who didn't make it. This was a tight battle. IMO Zeke had the cuts & Impact had the Juggles butttttttttt i think i would've swung it Impacts way IMO ok. Must've been a hard call from the Judges. None the less mad props to these 2 & also Wil-K & DJ What! Mean!

Zeke got cuts like a muva!