Friday, August 28, 2009


So sad. I only clicked on to his work this year because of what he was doing with Travis Barker. Its also just dawned on me that i & others have blogged about alot of deaths in the last couple. I'm not feeling the media reports. The man just died & they dig his grave 5mins later. Anyways f*%$k all that. condolences to this mans family. Safe journey homeboy!

Go here & download DJ AM & Travis Barkers 'Fix yah Face' mixtape vol. 1 & 2

Check DJ AM rippin' it with Jazzy Jeff @ House of Blues!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Thanks to Joes good lady for hooking this up. Did i mention the champ is doing a showcase? he a nasty mahfucka!


Come and support my homies fundraiser yo its gonna be fun!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

HAVOC: 'FROM NOW ON' mixtape

Over the last couple years i've been liking Hav over P when speaking on rhymes. He was always dope he just seems to have a certain lock on his swag now days. If you aint heard his album the kush that shit is the chronic.



Thanks to Phill for lockin' in. (Just click on the image to read)


If you don't know who Frequency is then i don't blame you. I've seen his production credits before like on a Ghostface joint & a Snoop joint but his face dosent match the hot beats. Basically hes tour DJ for Slaughterhouse & bad muthafucka on the production. This tape is hot & it's actually MIXED! (like blended tracks for you simple ass DJ pressin' buttons') Its a best of' Freq tape. & honestly i think this is gonna be on rotation in my ryde for awhile yurrr! Download here


Im half hamo via my mum so obviously im riding for Tuaman. Plus i don't think much of Cameron and... he might aswell prep for early retirement. Tuas gonna nail him lol

Classic. This is Aotearoa culture lol ...

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I get alot of people asking me the following questions...

1. Where can i cop the Stealth Mode mixtapes? Look below...Enjoy!

2. When's the next mixtape coming out? No time soon as i am busy with studies & putting my time into my dudes album right now. But i shall be back.

3. What happen to Tha Ghetto Blast? i'll upload that shit soon.

4. Where can i get the Speed of Sound & 4 Corners tape? I'll hit up the right people & check if its good to upload ok.

5. Juse1 "bro when's The Emerald coming out? 'funny guy'


feat. 4 Corners, Tyna & JB, AL, Albino, Ermehn, Juse1


feat. Temple Jones, Usual Suspects, Usouljah, Koma & Hepaklypz (4 Corners), Tyson Tyler, Hyclass, Tyna & JB, Ethical, 44Meta4z, The Wanderers


feat. Young Sid, Dziak, Heavytrade, Jay Roacher, Pakkz, Neesh, Ethical, 4 Corners, Chong Nee, temple Jones, Percieve, Mr LT, Jet-G, JB, Tyna, Kalisima, Ebony Fields, Nikki Montana, P-Money


Saturday, August 15, 2009


Yes Qs a Legend but in this case im not speaking on him. It's the 25th anniversary for DMCs this year. So im sure it's gonna be big. Anyway i stumbled across these pics on Crazes twitter which reminded me of when he was (& still is) king of the DMCs. When he won it twice in a row i thought damn hes good. But when he won that shit 3 times in a row you just knew the dude was God of the art. When i think of Craze (no homo) i think of his style as the point in time where sets changed from the slow bounce juggle routines to the up-tempo crazy shit. Thats all!


The Slaughterhouse album is ill & It looks like the grind don't stop with Joe Buddens 'Escape Route' album out now & this
new tape from the L.A member of the team & my fav next to Mr.Ortiz. Alright have a listen...Yurr!


Friday, August 14, 2009

PIETER T - Cant Stop Loving You VIDEO

Opps! Bit late on this but never the less props goes to the brotha from H-Town yes!
Cameos are funny az. Nezzy does it again! Yurrr

The Good Ol Days pt.3

PROUD 'an urban pacific street-soul compilation'

1. "In The Neighbourhood": Sisters Underground
2. "Tuesday Blues": Pacifican Descendants
3. "We R The O.M.C.": Otara Millionaires Club
4. "Bassed (sic) On A Lost Cause": Radio Backstab & DJ Payback
5. "Pass It Over": Pacifican Descendants
6. "Dawn Of The Eve": Di-Na-Ve
7. "One Too Many": Vocal Five
8. "I Don't Need You": Semi MC's
9. "Ain't It True": Sisters Underground
10. "Groove Me": Rhythm Harmony
11. "Trust Me": Semi MC's
12. "Prove Me Wrong": MC Slam
13. "Pacific Beats": Puka Puka
14. "God Defend New Zealand": Vocal Five

When i was 3rd form i remember kids from all over town walking, getting dropped off to the memorial hall because a big concert was in town (well big to us). People were everywhere making their way to the gig. There was a mean sense of excitement & all i knew was there were a bunch of polys from Auckland in town & they were rappers, singers & DJs. I remember sitting upstairs & the opening music came on & all these huge island dudes were standing on stage with machetes n shit n dudes were rapping all G'd up lol it was buzzy az! I think the song might've been Otara Millionaires Club 'We are the OMCs'. I remember thinking, "damn that beat is gangsta". As i think back to that night i can honestly say that it was inspirational in our lil bush town of Tokoroa. Especially for me. I don't know who the DJ was but they called him 'Chris' n thats all i know. He tore shit up that night & his performance made a huge impression on me. I use to listen to 'The Proud' compilation all the time. Especially Radio Backstabs verses over n over. Later in life i would learn that this MC was Ermehn. If you can get a hold of this cd i say get some! A true piece of history for real. Props to this dude.


I've been diggin' the brothers music thats been on line as of late. So...

The Game in Auckland NZ

Looked like a good night. Im not to sure about paying tribute to Pac & Big THEN jammin' out 'Hit em up'?
Ahwell Kiaora

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Wavy one has landed

Dumb shit but Cool shit...

So aint shit been to interesting around me lately. Im proud of the homie bringing the DMC title back n thats cool. Been making beats like crazy & my knowledge on protools LE took a huge leap this week. But nothing real dope has been goin' on in the H as of late. So i follow this guy around online coz hes the Vince McMahon of rap & i've only really started taking note of dude coz of the Slaughterhouse movement & im a Joell & Crooked I fan. Plus i find his Video Blogging quite funny.
So most of you will know about the Raekown & co incident & here we have Joey challenging The Chef to a one outs! Rap just got cool again! But why does this guy have to talk so damn much? Prolly shoudnt have mentioned how many fights he was 'about to have' lol ... But on some WWE rap shit i was hoping Crooked would Ultimate warrior out on n*%$s =P

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Mad props to our Htown homie for bringin' the tittle back. Ma man!

Hook that footage up uso!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

RedBull 'Big Tunes' Winner 'C-SICK'

I've always appreciated how Redbull get busy on the Music studio/production biz worldwide.
This kid C-Sick recently won the Redbull 'Big Tune' beat battle in Chicago. He seems to be the talk of the online town at the mo.
This is a great opportunity for young producers to get noticed so big props to Redbull. The winner C-Sick got to record a track with the Godson himself NAS. Lucky basket! Check it...

DOWNLOAD NAS Feat. Choklate 'Film' Prod by C-Sick Mp3


A Good Time 4 HipHop

Available August 11th 2009 (Half of the world hiphop community is bumpin' it already)

Not a good time for the bros arm tho...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Good Ol Days pt.2

Gravediggaz: 6 Feet Deep (Niggamortis)

"no where to run no where to hide"

Damn i listened to some dark shit when i was young! 1994 I remember moms thinking i was on some shit. But yep this is another all time favorite group of mine. Of course the transition was sweet because 'Enter The Wu Tang' was already on blaze. & Because the Rzarector was the main dude we (The crew) knew we'd be down straight away. This shit made me more familiar with legendary Prince Paul AKA The Undertaker as i wasn't much of a De La fan (Sorry then), Frukwan The Gate Keeper & Too Poetic The Grym Reaper.

R.I.P Poetic


This is a new tape from my man ALPHABETHEAD. Turnbtable nutcase AKA Bad Muthafucka on the wheels of steel & all round top bloke.
The tape is based on Music from movie sound tracks. Looks heavy az.

CLick HERE to download

For a physical copy email:
$8 NZ including postage (what a bargain)

If you don't know who Alpha is then you simply missed out. Check the now classic TLC waterfalls set...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

YOUNG SID 'Domestic Disturbance' Mixtape

Long awaited. Head over to the MTC blog site & get your free download

Rant for the day...

As always if a specific number is divided by the media the greater half is ALWAYS us brownies lol FTW