Monday, June 29, 2009

DJ PREMIER: Michael Jackson tribute mix

Haha the ol fulla blazed out a Tribute mix to Michael Jackson on his show the other day. I heard theres a Beat Junkies tribute goin' down somewhere aswell so look around for that & holla at the cuzy with a link aye coz i wanna hear jrocc do his thing! Anyway go here to the Premo blog n download this mix of rare MJ joints shit is dope. R.I.P the KING!



Didn't know this was online. This track is called 'Clap' one i produced for the boys back in 06. Word!

It's Thriller all over again!

Amazing! Only the greatest!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

KIDS IN SPACE 'Ocean Of Drugs' Video

Seen this over at the MTC blog. Watup to Ash & the crew.

BET awards & DOA video - Jay-Z

Weather here in Tok is real shit today so i posted up n watched the BET awards via live stream. Wasn't too bad i guess they did their best to make it a MJ tribute n such a small amount of time. Highlights for me were The OJays, Bell Biv Devoe yes BBD came out & did poison lol it was dope but their voice instruments obviously hadnt been used in a while. Guy, Johnny Gill, Tyrese & Tevin cample even lol R&B / New Jack swing took over the evening. Jamie & T-Pain was cool too with Travis Barker on the set killin' it as usual. Jay-Z was the best tho IMO. DOA went off & after the show BET premiered his new clip.(check below) The worst mahfuckas of the night was Weezy & the young money cats. Drake was an exception but dude had to rock a crowd in a seat due to a hurt left ankle. Their song choices were just wack. Still tho they were Fucken terrible.

Anyway what a cold wet day.

JAY-Z: D.O.A BET rip

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael The Funkstylist

Travis Barker & DJ AM 'Rock With You'

Im always looking for Travis Barker footage to chill n watch. Even more so him & his partner n prime DJ AM. It be dope to check one of their shows out. Anyway i thought i'd post this seen as it's fitting right now. R.I.P the KING!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Erakah feat. Temple Jones 'Infatuated'

I've actually never heard of this singer & the track is all good. It features the homie Temple Jones ( Stealth 2 & 3 ) so im a give it a blast on here.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest in peace Michael Jackson

Damn poor dude. He was one of those figures in this world that was suppose to live forever if yah know what i mean. So many child hood memories of his music. This world straight shit on the man hard so least he's in peace now. Hands down the Greatest! R.I.P The King!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I've never seen this. Good to finally get a look tho.

USOuljah "What a battlin in the bus stop for no reason guy" lol

Saturday, June 20, 2009

SLIM SHADY 'Underground' LIVE in Detroit 2009

Craziest track on the album


It's that time of year again where my b-boys get down here in the H. Myself & Koma will be doing our thing too. Yuup!

Ghost was dope!

Cant hear shit on my phone cam but man that dudes the muthafucken mahfuccka! Had a cool time last night with my homies. Thanks to Luke for gettin' the animals there n back in one peace. Was almost everything i expected. Actually fuck that it was dope! Yeah no Daytona500 etc but still the shit was cool. Sound was distorted but that was all good. Classics for days! must be the WU!
Was cool to see faces i aint seen for ages. USOuljah, Temple, Turks, Sirvere, Thanks to my homeboy Truce for holding 9 niggaz down, sorry dawg lol & watup to the fam Juse1, Omega-B & Ceaper.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


"Ghostface catch the blast of a hype verse,
my glock burst, leave in a herse i did worse!"

Damn i remember them opening lines like it was yesterday. I remember back in 94 i use to walk my ass to school every mourning rocking headphones & a walkman. Most people remember me for the kid that lived by the alley way always rocking the walkman. Anyway i specifically remember this one particular mourning when my bro A.K gave me a tape titled 'Enter the Wu-Tang' in exchange for my 'Chronic' Dr Dre tape. I was a lil' hesitant at first but i used to always be curious about new rap tapes. I couldn't believe the hype in the beats. The grimey ass flows & the funk beneath the dirty drums. The shit was crazy. Any kid around at that time & just getting into WU would agree that these cats were like ghetto super-heros. Everything about them was cool. The slang, the dress code & the unique beats. I think the biggest thing for our neighborhood was that these cats were from New York. Coz the T.O.K was full of gangsta rap & r&b which was cool but i guess kids around my age group didn't really have access to New York records that much. Anyway i was 13 - 14 when this was all going on & i'm 30 now (real talk lol). So im buzzing that Pretty Tone is coming through. (well i hope) I wanna hear the whole Iron Man album & all the 36 chambers verses n shit haha! Anyways thats me. I'm a make this one coz i missed RZA.

Monday, June 1, 2009

PNC - Bazooka Kid OUT NOW!

Seen this over at PNCs blog. Good work bro.

Intro (produced by Fire & Ice)
Bazooka's Theme (produced by Forty One & Evan Short)
Find Me feat. Chong Nee (produced by Chris Laupama)
Moonlight (produced by Official)
What's Up (produced by P-Money)
V.S.O.P feat. David Dallas (produced by Beat Kamp Muzik)
Gone feat. Che Fu (produced by Fire & Ice)
Take Me Home feat. Mz J (produced by Forty One)
Tonight (produced by Forty One)
It Doesn't Matter (produced by JSquared)
New Day feat. Tyra Hammond (produced by JSquared)
1/2 Kast (produced by David Atai)

Available everywhere today!

BREAKIN WRECK newsletter & info

BWW are back in Bizzo as of late with a new news-letter out & a gang of info & new releases to go with it, Check it!