Saturday, April 19, 2008


2much alright boys. It's pumpin' in htown this weekend & i'm in Tok working n shit. v8s are on & the shit looks crazy on TV. My frankton zoo homies live right where the track is & i've seen the track been built over the past year, it's dope...shit looks like a video game in the streets. Anyway right next to the track is the very field the Chiefs took the Crusaders out on friday in a 18-5 victory. 2much to ol Sivivatu and prop Simms Davison on the 2 tries. I thought the red & black were gonna 2nd half our asses but our defence was on! balls are hairy! I dunno tho, the red machine is always on & its only their 1st loss. Fuck it 'LICK MY PATU' hahaha! mean mills mean!

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