Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My good peoples in Welli are at it again! September 6th @ Bar Bodega. Im a try real hard to be there. Watup to the Wanderer Clique! 04 04!


Bella Qween is a musical / theatrical (fuck me n my spelling) type performance that is hitting a town near you real soon. I've played a small part in putting together a nice lil mixtape for it. & i rekon it sounds cool. Its not the usual you'd hear from me. It's more on the soul relaxed tip. Anyway if youre interested in checking that & the show out then peep the flier. Poice!

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Music!

Sup peoples... i was chillin today on some new music. I needed a good doze of new shit & inspiration. So i got my hands on (dont ask how) GZAs pro tools, The Game L.A.X, Daz Dillingers Only on the left side, Ice Cubes - Raw Footage ah i better stop there. Yeh fucken bite deezze! Anyways i was looking forward to all this shit coz thats just me n what i like. N yeh the west is loosing ga'dammit! Ice cubes shit is too slow n im over the chop neck n screw. N Daz? he just dont give a fuck does he? I remember so so gangster n thinking 'shot daz u did it right on some modern day shit. But his recent album....arghhh....i think he just dont give a fuck as long as u can whoo ryde down long beach on some grim gangsta shit then the hood gon love you long time. I aint got much to say on The Game but yeh i only like a handfull of songs. The joint tittled 'Bullet proof diaries' featuring Raekwon is phat! & the most standout track to me is 'Never can say goodbye'... Basically Game speaks on behalf of 2pac, biggie & eazy. Shit is real cool. Especially when he in-personates biggies flow on the 2nd verse. Good shit chuck! other then that, that shit can suck maaaaaaaaah diiiiiick!
AND THE WINNER IS...!!! WU TANG WU TANG WU TANG...The Genius is back with that good ol wu sound that us knockin on 30s door realist muthafuckaz love. Get you some peoples! Honest its fucken fly!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Yeah boy this is the shit! Apparently we are all aloud to enter. Thing is you just gotta get your punk ass over to melbourne.
The official site is here
& The bro DFORM has posted up the battle rules here

R.I.P Issac hayes

I a'int really feeling these posts. Good people dying aint really what i wanna share with people. But Hayes aka the Black Moses gets mad love from me. He was definately one of the kings of soul & funk. Shaft says it all. Rest in peace bruva!

R.I.P Mr 3000

"Lord have mercy he know what i want" Man whatta stink buzz aye. Bernie Mac, real name Bernard Jeffrey McCullough, died of pneumonia on Saturday aged 50, in a hospital in Chicago. He died of Sarcoidosis. Argh yeh click n find out. Rest in peace Mr. 3000


Well fuck me i'm back people! Sorry about the no-updates for ages! Fuck all that tho. The homeboy Dj Impact won the NZ DMCs the other night. Which means the crown comes to the waikato. Iiiiiiiiiiyayah! The results were...

2nd - DJ DFORM
3rd - DJ SPELL

Im happy to see the DMCs back. Good shit!