Wednesday, October 22, 2008


If you havent seen this yet like myself i suggest we get onto it aye bloke!

Clash of the Titans is an underground documentary film representing true Wellington hip hop, as rappers chase their dream to be crowned champion battle emcee.

Independently produced and directed by Will Moore, Clash of The Titans makes it's world premier on the giant screen on 25 July at the Paramount, Wellington as part of the New Zealand International Film Festival.

Shot over eight consecutive nights in December 2006, Clash of The Titans features behind the scenes interviews with emcee battlers for the Wellington crown, and takes us centre stage for the final live battle on the mic and the psyche.

The focus is on reigning Wellington champion, Juse1 and the competitors to his crown, local emcees Lyrix, Ladysouljah, Rogue, Poetic and Xhale plus drum 'n' bass emcee RuggedTek from London and Raysa from Johannesburg.

Mixing the beats on the battle night is DJ Kerb, and the soundtrack features beats by DJ SMV, Ceapone, PD, KRM, Shannon, Sam Scott and King Homeboy.

A long time hip hop supporter, filmmaker Will Moore describes Clash of The Titans as "the first real Wellington hip hop story, driven by inspiration and passion rather than corporate branding. The lens has captured a freedom of expression".

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