Monday, April 27, 2009


One of my music tutors took some time out to speak on the success of SMASH & their 10 week haul! He's a old white dude from the famous NZ 80s rock band Knightshade. For someone like that & almost everyone at Tech asking if i know the Smash boys this shit must be big lol Coz half of these people look like they couldnt give a fuck about Rap music. Anyways congrats to the dudes & MTC thats how you do the dam shits! so browd!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

El Michels Affair

An entire album of Wu-Tang Clan interpolations entitled Enter the 37th Chamber. Sheeeeittt! Shit is fly! Period!


I think the dude is dope! When i heard The Greenhouse Effect Mixtape it took me a few listens but im convinced he's official. I had a listen to his album today & i like. I'm one of those dudes that judges an album by its first track. & yup shit was bangin' I like the track with BustaBust too. I highly reccomend!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

JB S.M.3 Freestyle Download

2006 JB myself & Chong nee were on tour chillin' to lots of Wu Tang in motels. JB and I came across the Bronze Nazzareth album 'The Great Migration' (where the beat for this track comes from) back then & that shit was fresh. It felt like Boom Baps were back! lol
I didn't know Nezzy had a soft spot for the Wu. But then if you remember Marekos Major Flavors freestyle then you'd click like ahhhhhhh. We were in Tauranga when the idea for this track came about. So the bro & i spent the night in Aucks at Chong Nees recording and sippin heaps of codys with USOuljah & Temple. Good stuff!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

EMIN3M 'Relapse' Album Cover

I seen this over at Fat Lace. I always look forward to new Eminem music. One of my top 3 MCs yup. Go have a read here about how he lost the plot on drugs & started seeing his face appear in cat bowls & on the side of cars lol

Monday, April 20, 2009

ETHICAL - 'Fresh 2 Death' freestyle DOWNLOAD

This is the kid from space & his contribution to the 'Stealth 2' mixtape back in 2005/6. I was living in Welli at the time when i made the 1st 2 Stealth tapes. Eth & anyone from the MTC camp are always quick off the mark to submit mixtape material if not the first (mixtape DJs take note).
It was through Eth that i got connected to Sid and so on. The bro is also responsible for my name stamping 'Speed of Sound vol.2'
Props you astronaut you.


Where's datHORITaaZ?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

R.I.P Tha Zoo part.1

This aint gonna mean shit to anyone really cept for my boyz & those who knew of Tha Zoo. Our everyday HQ closed down last month. It was our hip hop central / local pub lol
This is just some footage i caught on my celly last christmas. Watup to B-boy Are-K, Nigz, Shady, Koma, Z.O & Buddablood. This ones for the rest of the brudas. Yurrrr!

PS- & watup to raj for supplying the codys & billy mavz week n week out lol

KOMA (4 Corners) - 'Locked Up' freestyle

This is taking it back a lil. This track was recorded in 2004 around this time of year i think? for my StealthMode Mixtape. Myself & Koma were hungover azzz. And if you were kickin' with us back then on a Thursday night then you feel me lol.
Anyway my manz use to drive around in the hoopty of hooptys. Shit was a old beat up legacy. The front left wheel use to chop side to side when the car was rollin' and i sware to god we was rollin!
So were in the studio right & K.Os pitty (R.I.P METH) is 'Locked Up' in the Hoopty while were lacing a hit lol...
We were in the lab for maybe an hour n a half when Meth decides to exercise his manhood all over the car seats the belts, doors ect... Shit was stankin' ni%$#@!
(skip the beatdown)...
We rolled home on the hoopty with our heads out the window, left wheel choppin' confident that our idea of remixing this AKON joint went as planned. This shit was a hit in the H. Shout outs to our homeboys Hepz & Booker-T for helping us with the cop skit.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

DJ REVOLUTION - King Of The Decks

This is tonight! yurr!


Since i'm engaged in a new lifestyle of higher learning the SM is gonna be pretty quiet...well sort of. So i'm a share some exclusives with you all from past mixtapes & ones that were meant to come out but im still holding on to lol Anyways enjoy this freestyle by the Youngin' featuring Dkays. This track is called 'Stomp with me' which is on 'Tha Ghetto Blast' (unreleased)
Im a chuck a new exclusive up on the regular! Chur


SMASHPROOF - The Weekend

Man i appreciate a well rounded album aye. This shit is fly! I purchased me a copy last thursday up at chartwell mall in Htown. Spent the weekend in Auckland from friday on... One thing i like about driving outta-town is chucking an album in the stereo, turning that shit up & simply kick back drive & check it out. It's dope to listen to an album where all the beats bang & the concept flows well. My personal favorites are 'The Weekend', 'Friday', 'Somebody like me' & the one that hits home 'The mourning after' lol
That beat for 'Friday' farrrken hairy alright. Anyways i highly recommend this album, 4realz!