Monday, November 15, 2010


I thought since i've been avoiding my child which is (This Blog) i might sit here for a few and let you guys know what's been going on. After putting out a gang of mixtapes this year my attention has been totally focused on my crew and our music. I've been working long hours along side my mans Hitz (other producer in Villains and member of Funk Village) recording the crew, mixing down tracks and working promo. (see i dont just drink all day leaf!)
We've started our movement and have a few songs up for listen as you see here...

VILLAINS: C.O.T.R featuring my FCS partner KOMA and my brother Tha N.I

This song was originally recorded on a $2 mic back in 2008. We decided the other day to dig it up n re-do it. Shit sounds like old verses too.

VILLAINS - Champ on the rise by VILLAINS

VILLAINS: 2MANYMCS featuring myself (yep i rap), Tha N.I, Koma, Jet-G and Z.O

Another song from 2008 we re-did and has become an Anthem in htown.


The 'City Of Villains' mixtape drops in DEC 2010 and is basically Koma and myself introducing a small part of the htown underground to the masses.

The Villains first out of town show is in Welli Dec 11th @ Madusa Bar.

Hope you guys dig the music, i know it's that shit your girl looks at you and goes "what the fuck?".
It's just us doing us! I was gonna explain where the name Villains came from but we have the ayebro
crew coming through to film us this week and i will save it for then.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

90's House Party - Hamilton

26th November me & the homie will be having an end of the year bash. Taking it back!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Wrong Kidz - Funk Village (VILLAINS)

Funk Village (Hitz & Kortaz) have been around for years as a solid rock in the H-town hiphop community. The boys have their own unique sound with Hitz on the boards & both him & kortaz on the mic. Im pretty wrapped that they're slowly gonna release their music for all to hear. They're great live & have a massive 'head nod' element to their show.
Funk Village are also members of H-town supergroup Villains.
This track will be featuring on the up-coming 'City of Villains' mixtape Dec 2010 mixed by myself & DJ Impact.
Wrong Kidz - Funk Village by VILLAINS