Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SAVAGE @ number 1 on US radio

Fuck me this is too good. Seen this over at MTCs blog

Beating out new tracks from Ice Cube and Ricky Ross, "Swing" takes pole position as the #1 most added track at the Rhythm Crossover format this week. This is a huge start for the Savage at U.S radio with 30+ stations adding "Swing" to their playlists, including stations in major markets such as Dallas, Houston, Salt lake City, San Diego and San Francisco.

To be clear... the Crossover panel includes stations such as Hot 97 in NY and ATL, whereas Power in NY is the urban station. It is not a Top 40 format, although there are top 40 leaning stations on the Crossover panel. "Swing" is set to impact at the urban format in a week.

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