Monday, June 16, 2008

Eminem prank calls LL on Tony Touch show!

Haha this shit is dope! So Eminem calls up shade45 during Tony Touches show & goes under the name Jason from Miami. LL's buzzing out at dude reciting word for word, flow for flow some of his classics joints.
I love been a fan of this Hip Hop shit. Infact the 1st record i ever owned (cough stole) was LL Cool Js 'Bigger & Deffer'.
Even in our own lil country. I've been a fan of cats like 4corners, Dam Native & Che Fu for the longest time. & some of them are close friends of mine now. But i aint too cool to take it back like a lil kid & say yup im a Fan!

Anyway check Ems call here

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