Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hosted by Young Sid and mixed by DJ SMV.

"Get Ready" Tracklist: DOWNLOAD HERE

1. Intro
2. On That Grind
3. Got'em Moving (Featuring Neesh)
4. Explosive
5. Interlude (Derty Sesh)
6. Status on Attack
7. Not2BFukdWit (Featuring Pakkz)
8. Interlude (Young Sid)
9. Just Dippin (Featuring Derty Sesh)
10. Call Me (Featuring Young Sid)
11. Interlude (Ethical)
12. Don't Know How to Take Me (Featuring Ethical)
13. Lose my Cool
14. Successful
15. Get Ready
16. Down Like This
17. Don't Need No1 Else (Featuring Vinny Viccetti)
18. Outro (Young Sid)
19. Already Been Done (Featuring Nume aka Big Freshh)

Shout out to SIR-T!!!

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