Sunday, July 18, 2010


When i work with an artist on their tape i work with them because i think they're music is dope. That's my first part of the process. I already knew Tyse was ill. I met our mans back when he was 14 maybe in like 2001 02 or something. I went along to the MC1 battle finals in Auckland (legendary battle/scam/whatever you wanna call it) and he was in the entrance looking like he was tryna get a peep or even sneak into the battle. I've watched him progress as an MC over the years from been that youngin' in the Dawnraid 'Str8 from tha streets' project to been a heavy hitter for Breakin Wreck, and you can tell he loves this shit. I don't usually listen to tapes i've done but im on the 6th rotation of this new 'Paper Chase' mixtape. Tyse is on his game right now and every track is dope over heavy beats. Shout outs to Neesh, Derty Sesh, Ethical, Sir-T, Pakkz, Iceman, Nikki Montana & Vinnie Vicetti who all feature through out this tape. DOWNLOAD HERE

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