Sunday, July 25, 2010


Nesian Mystik's 4th Album (And maybe last?) titled 99AD hits stores today & you can pick it up on itunes aswell (which has shot straight into top 5). If you're in Australia just change your iTunes settings to NZ and you can pick up easy as pie.

Saber had to this to say about the meaning behind the title of the album...

And on that note i thought i'd share with you fine folks where DMON's "It's a Taniwhaaaaaa" line comes from... We were chillin downing a few cold ones on the balcony of the Le Grand Hotel in Hamilton and the topic of conversation was BOY the movie... which further encouraged me to ask the boys if they had ever seen "Came a hot Friday" If you're from the 80s you'll know what I'm referring to. Unfortunately my age was evident and the Nesian's hadn't seen it nor heard about it. Anyhow Billy T James (R.I.P) plays a crazy maori boy that thinks he's a mexican cowboy and in one of the scenes a burning building is floating down the river and Billy T is screaming out "It's a Taniwhhhhhhhhhaaa" while blasting his toy gats in the air lol So anyway one too many drinks later and you can take a guess what our saying for the rest of the night was... Dry? ... nah... Just a good way to document good times by chucking it in a video mate lol Kef!

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