Sunday, May 23, 2010


This kid is nasty! Jay hails from Christchurch city & has been in the game doing his thing for a minute now. I rate dude right up there with the best of them. I've had him on my Stealth Mode series (part 3 to be exact) & ever since i've been a fan.
This is his latest tape which i might add has been mixed by the Master himself DJ Alphabethead. How rare is that? I don't think i've heard or come by a rapper gettin' Dave to mix his or her tape, feel free to correct me if im wrong. When i saw this naturally i got excited.
So here it is, go to the Breakinwreck blog now n get yah download on! FOR FREE!

Shout to Jay, Dave, Grimeworx & the Wreck... oh & birthday boy Cyphanetik. Good on yah bros!

Peep the vid of Alphabethead below at the 2002 DMCs in London reppin' NZ

01. Jay Brings the Terror
(Produced By Alphabethead)

02. Wrong With Me
(Produced By Netts)

03. Don’t Be Nervous
(Produced By Flying Lotus)

04. It Ain’t Easy Freestyle
(Produced By Agallah)

05. The Trip/Pages Freestyle
(Produced By Soul Purpose)

06. More Or Less Freestyle
(Produced By Kanye West)

07. Dead Wrong/Phantasm Freestyle
(Produced By Jake One)

08. Trapped
(Produced By Alphabethead)

09. Flashing Lights Freestyle
(Produced By Kanye West & Eric Hudson)

10. Flashing Lights Beat Juggle

11. Naughty Stewardesses (Intermission)

12. They Know Freestyle
(Produced By Balis Beats)

13. All My Friends Are Half Dead (Cyphanetik & Orakle)
(Produced By 44)

14. Chedda Get Low (Hash)
(Produced By Scream Misery)

15. Feels So Good
(Produced By Netts)

16. Feels So Good (Shakuhachi Glitch Remix)

17. Hopeless Freestyle

18. Psych-Out!
(Produced By Oh No)

19. Lithium Romp
(Produced By Alphabethead)

20. Mouthwash (Kate Nash Cover)

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