Friday, August 14, 2009

The Good Ol Days pt.3

PROUD 'an urban pacific street-soul compilation'

1. "In The Neighbourhood": Sisters Underground
2. "Tuesday Blues": Pacifican Descendants
3. "We R The O.M.C.": Otara Millionaires Club
4. "Bassed (sic) On A Lost Cause": Radio Backstab & DJ Payback
5. "Pass It Over": Pacifican Descendants
6. "Dawn Of The Eve": Di-Na-Ve
7. "One Too Many": Vocal Five
8. "I Don't Need You": Semi MC's
9. "Ain't It True": Sisters Underground
10. "Groove Me": Rhythm Harmony
11. "Trust Me": Semi MC's
12. "Prove Me Wrong": MC Slam
13. "Pacific Beats": Puka Puka
14. "God Defend New Zealand": Vocal Five

When i was 3rd form i remember kids from all over town walking, getting dropped off to the memorial hall because a big concert was in town (well big to us). People were everywhere making their way to the gig. There was a mean sense of excitement & all i knew was there were a bunch of polys from Auckland in town & they were rappers, singers & DJs. I remember sitting upstairs & the opening music came on & all these huge island dudes were standing on stage with machetes n shit n dudes were rapping all G'd up lol it was buzzy az! I think the song might've been Otara Millionaires Club 'We are the OMCs'. I remember thinking, "damn that beat is gangsta". As i think back to that night i can honestly say that it was inspirational in our lil bush town of Tokoroa. Especially for me. I don't know who the DJ was but they called him 'Chris' n thats all i know. He tore shit up that night & his performance made a huge impression on me. I use to listen to 'The Proud' compilation all the time. Especially Radio Backstabs verses over n over. Later in life i would learn that this MC was Ermehn. If you can get a hold of this cd i say get some! A true piece of history for real. Props to this dude.


  1. The Guy was Chris Halavaka went by the name of DJ Punishya, also DJ'd for Semi Mc's on Trust Me. Yeah bro he was and still is the man!

  2. Man So True Phillip. In my Day too Chris was Super Tight on the Cut , Madd Jamz too. Hes one of my Biggest Influences ,from all the school gigs he did with Madd Scratching at the End . Peace Chris aka -Tender C .God Bless U -Joe