Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Good Ol Days pt.2

Gravediggaz: 6 Feet Deep (Niggamortis)

"no where to run no where to hide"

Damn i listened to some dark shit when i was young! 1994 I remember moms thinking i was on some shit. But yep this is another all time favorite group of mine. Of course the transition was sweet because 'Enter The Wu Tang' was already on blaze. & Because the Rzarector was the main dude we (The crew) knew we'd be down straight away. This shit made me more familiar with legendary Prince Paul AKA The Undertaker as i wasn't much of a De La fan (Sorry then), Frukwan The Gate Keeper & Too Poetic The Grym Reaper.

R.I.P Poetic

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