Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dumb shit but Cool shit...

So aint shit been to interesting around me lately. Im proud of the homie bringing the DMC title back n thats cool. Been making beats like crazy & my knowledge on protools LE took a huge leap this week. But nothing real dope has been goin' on in the H as of late. So i follow this guy around online coz hes the Vince McMahon of rap & i've only really started taking note of dude coz of the Slaughterhouse movement & im a Joell & Crooked I fan. Plus i find his Video Blogging quite funny.
So most of you will know about the Raekown & co incident & here we have Joey challenging The Chef to a one outs! Rap just got cool again! But why does this guy have to talk so damn much? Prolly shoudnt have mentioned how many fights he was 'about to have' lol ... But on some WWE rap shit i was hoping Crooked would Ultimate warrior out on n*%$s =P

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