Thursday, February 18, 2010

Travis Barker & Atrak team up.

MTV reported that Travis & Atrak will be teaming up for the kill. Seen as im a huge fan of both of these dudes im buzzin' that they're going to get busy n rock some shows. I use to love catching footage of Travis Barker & DJ AM rocking parties. The idea of the drummer & the DJ getting busy has always been a dope concept to me so i look forward to catching some online footage of these two great musos. Thank you internet lol

"I had met A-Trak last year at Coachella, but I had seen a set of his at Avalon in Los Angeles maybe four years ago, with AM," Barker told MTV News. "He was a guy who I always wanted to work with in some way. So I gave him a call."

and for good ol times sake...

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