Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chillin' in Taupo

Had a real random day yesterday. It started with Donald from Nesian Mystik calling me asking if i could DJ for them at a More FM Winery Tour show in Taupo. Their DJ (Heath) wasn't able to make it so i was cool with it, and as a bonus they had room for JB and Koma (4 Corners) to come along for the ride too, and hang out for old times sake.
Basically us Htown boys & the Nesians have been tight for years now. Back when their first album came out they colab'd with the bro Tyna (Former htown resident) and the connection was born. Since then we've toured together and had some memorable times. Too many actually. So last night was dope because we haven't had a good night like that for ages!
Anyway Tim Finn, Dave Dobbyn, Che Fu and Bic and Boh runga were head lining the event so we got to chill with brother Che aswell. Wish i took pics now because the after party was on some legendary shit. But i did take this video at the hotel of Che, Koma and JB jamming till like 5:30 this mourning (yes we still keep it hood on the cypha buzz) Shout to all my bros that were giggin' round the country this weekend, 2010 and we still love this shit lol. Good times and a Good weekend!


  1. aye thats mean bro! These 3 needa makes another track together

  2. nice! dont you mean, "morning" hehe