Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Bare with me for a

I pride myself in taking great care when i put tapes together. Even when you send me your recordings & the shit is str8 g'd up! I still sit there for hours on end trying to tweek the barstid to an acceptable listen :P But this particular tape here 'Tha Ghetto Blast' pretty much drove me nuts. Like...When you're putting a tape together of music from the states or high profiled artists in NZ you know the quality is gonna be nice, therefore it's easier to mix & EQ . This is not a moan at all by the way. Basically all the tracks presented to me for this tape were recorded in different environments. Also a lot of the beats were locally produced and who has the means by where they can get their shit mix & mastered? Not me anyway.
The day i wanted to release this i basically pulled away because i wasn't happy with it's over all sound & i guess looking back now it had an effect on my motivation to get real busy on it (as you will hear) or maybe im just a fussy cunt!
If anything let me leave you with a bit of advice for 2010. "Up your game in all areas" projecting quality sound is the key to grabbing your listeners ear. Learn how to get the best sound out of your equipment & often compare your sound to a high profiled artists CD. Never stop learning how you can make your product sound dope!
Anyway its been 2 years now (hence why i dont mind telling you all this), and since it's christmas this ones for my real heads out there. Shout out to everyone on this tape & shot out to my uso Juse1 for the cover. Merry Christmas yo! Be safe over the holiday season!


Click HERE to download now!

Tha Ghetto Blast Mixtape by DJ SMV

100% NZ Hiphop

1. Intro
2. The Blast Off. J-Star / Temple Jones / Juse1 / Blaze Murphy
3. Body in a lake. Mr Sicc feat Facekilla
4. Hood Status. Mr LT / Tuone / Blackout
5. Still in the hood. Tyson Tyler
6. My time is now. Pakkz
7. On my throne. Ethical
8. Stomp with me. Young Sid feat Dkays
9. Still love h.e.r. Scribe
10. Bring it to me. Cyphanetik feat. Louie Knuxx & Tyson Tyler
11. The boys coming! Flowz
12. TNT. Seka / Mission
13. Illegal Metaphors. Lo Money
14. Sicc Muthfuckers. Mr Sicc feat. Ehrmen
15. Hush. R.E.S
16. Seats on a 45. Illa Rilla
17. Wont do it again. Tyna & JB
18. The Ghetto Blast. Nikki Montana
19. Freesteelo. Ethical / Dkays
20. First & Last. Juse1
21. Bonus track


  1. Damn this shit is ill, already had half the tracks but the mixing is sick. Gutted that R.E.S. track is such low quality. Good track selection, shit flows dope...

    Mad props yo

  2. Just found your tape through Joe's blog, well done man. It must have taken a lot of work to get all those artists in the mix, I'll be looking for your twenty ten joints.