Thursday, June 18, 2009


"Ghostface catch the blast of a hype verse,
my glock burst, leave in a herse i did worse!"

Damn i remember them opening lines like it was yesterday. I remember back in 94 i use to walk my ass to school every mourning rocking headphones & a walkman. Most people remember me for the kid that lived by the alley way always rocking the walkman. Anyway i specifically remember this one particular mourning when my bro A.K gave me a tape titled 'Enter the Wu-Tang' in exchange for my 'Chronic' Dr Dre tape. I was a lil' hesitant at first but i used to always be curious about new rap tapes. I couldn't believe the hype in the beats. The grimey ass flows & the funk beneath the dirty drums. The shit was crazy. Any kid around at that time & just getting into WU would agree that these cats were like ghetto super-heros. Everything about them was cool. The slang, the dress code & the unique beats. I think the biggest thing for our neighborhood was that these cats were from New York. Coz the T.O.K was full of gangsta rap & r&b which was cool but i guess kids around my age group didn't really have access to New York records that much. Anyway i was 13 - 14 when this was all going on & i'm 30 now (real talk lol). So im buzzing that Pretty Tone is coming through. (well i hope) I wanna hear the whole Iron Man album & all the 36 chambers verses n shit haha! Anyways thats me. I'm a make this one coz i missed RZA.

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