Sunday, June 28, 2009

BET awards & DOA video - Jay-Z

Weather here in Tok is real shit today so i posted up n watched the BET awards via live stream. Wasn't too bad i guess they did their best to make it a MJ tribute n such a small amount of time. Highlights for me were The OJays, Bell Biv Devoe yes BBD came out & did poison lol it was dope but their voice instruments obviously hadnt been used in a while. Guy, Johnny Gill, Tyrese & Tevin cample even lol R&B / New Jack swing took over the evening. Jamie & T-Pain was cool too with Travis Barker on the set killin' it as usual. Jay-Z was the best tho IMO. DOA went off & after the show BET premiered his new clip.(check below) The worst mahfuckas of the night was Weezy & the young money cats. Drake was an exception but dude had to rock a crowd in a seat due to a hurt left ankle. Their song choices were just wack. Still tho they were Fucken terrible.

Anyway what a cold wet day.

JAY-Z: D.O.A BET rip

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