Sunday, April 19, 2009

KOMA (4 Corners) - 'Locked Up' freestyle

This is taking it back a lil. This track was recorded in 2004 around this time of year i think? for my StealthMode Mixtape. Myself & Koma were hungover azzz. And if you were kickin' with us back then on a Thursday night then you feel me lol.
Anyway my manz use to drive around in the hoopty of hooptys. Shit was a old beat up legacy. The front left wheel use to chop side to side when the car was rollin' and i sware to god we was rollin!
So were in the studio right & K.Os pitty (R.I.P METH) is 'Locked Up' in the Hoopty while were lacing a hit lol...
We were in the lab for maybe an hour n a half when Meth decides to exercise his manhood all over the car seats the belts, doors ect... Shit was stankin' ni%$#@!
(skip the beatdown)...
We rolled home on the hoopty with our heads out the window, left wheel choppin' confident that our idea of remixing this AKON joint went as planned. This shit was a hit in the H. Shout outs to our homeboys Hepz & Booker-T for helping us with the cop skit.


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  1. Fucking dope yo, need more shit like this! Whens that new tape dropping?