Thursday, April 23, 2009

JB S.M.3 Freestyle Download

2006 JB myself & Chong nee were on tour chillin' to lots of Wu Tang in motels. JB and I came across the Bronze Nazzareth album 'The Great Migration' (where the beat for this track comes from) back then & that shit was fresh. It felt like Boom Baps were back! lol
I didn't know Nezzy had a soft spot for the Wu. But then if you remember Marekos Major Flavors freestyle then you'd click like ahhhhhhh. We were in Tauranga when the idea for this track came about. So the bro & i spent the night in Aucks at Chong Nees recording and sippin heaps of codys with USOuljah & Temple. Good stuff!


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