Thursday, November 12, 2009


Back in 2005 or 06? ( don't judge me blame the chronic ) i was living in Welli at the time. I would travel back home often (Waikato) & if your on the road alot you'd know that it's the perfect time to listen to albums & tapes. I put this mix together to bump in my ride. It's not just a bunch of songs from a playlist its actually cut up & mixed with tricks n shit. U know how us real DJs do :P So its a mix of shit i wanted to hear in my ride at the time. No shout outs, no drops, no signature noise. Well no my bad i lie there's one interlude by Koma (4Corners) which was a left over drop from the Transitions tape to keep it safe).
So if you wanna bump this in your ride i've uploaded it for you. Enjoy.



1. Come get me - Nas
2. Give up the goods - Mobb Deep
3. Chief Rocker - Lords of the Underground
4. Everyday Struggle - notorious B.I.G
5. The Militia - Gangstarr feat. Big Shug
6. Proper Propaganda - Dilated Peoples
7. Beat break
8. Nas is like - Nas
9. Godfather part.3 remix - Mobb Deep
10. The M.G.M - Wu Tang Clan
11. How to rob - 50Cent
12. Beat break
13. K.O interlude
14. Don't get carried away - Busta Rhymes feat. Nas
15. Satellite Radio - Dilated Peoples
16. R.A.G.U - Ghostface Killah feat. Raekwon
17. Sound of the slums - Inspectah Deck
18. Infamous - Mobb Deep
19. If i cant - Jay-Z

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