Thursday, October 1, 2009


I Just want to send my love and prayers out to my family and friends who are suffering at this tragic time. May the Lord
comfort our loved ones and help us find strength.
It's been a couple of sleepless nights and im sure that's the case for many families across the globe.
My heart aches knowing that there are lives and even children yet to be found amongst the destruction.
I can't imagine what it's like right now to wake up to such damage. I just hope that those who are suffering have a place to rest their heads and have food to eat.

Numerous organizations have launched helplines and donation projects. People concerned about family members in Samoa can call the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade on 04 439 8000, and provide as many contact details as possible.
Anyone worried about the safety of non-New Zealand relatives in Samoa should contact the Samoan High Commission on 04 472 0953. Remember that Vodafone and 2degrees has made it possible to call any number in Samoa for free. Just look up each networks details for info.
The New Zealand Red Cross has also launched a Samoa Tsunami Relief project at
More donation projects can be found HERE

Please say a prayer for my people or donate how ever you can.


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