Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm a huge shady fan aye. I gotta couple homeboys who are big fans too n every time we're on the juice gettin' blunted i think a whole hour of EM shit old & new gets played. So i always thought how dope it would be for the dude to go back to that dark slim shady shit like 'Role Model' but with a modern twist, . Actually i think about that all the time with all my favourite rappers. Then you think actually they cant really cause they don't live in the hood no more gang bangin'...etc etc you get my drift. No i'm not a prophet but my wish has come true and the idea IMO works real well. Relapse is exactly that & more. I love it, shit is str8 up crazy, dark & fucked up. The range of flows he messes with are (enter description here)... fuck i dunno how to explain it. FUCKEN BEAUTIFUL!
Anyway high lights for me are 'Bagpipes from Baghdad', 'Medicine Ball', 'Underground (shit sounds mad underground), '3AM'. Dre is the Killamanjaro on the beats. Bangaz all day with big sound as dre does. what more can i say?

There's some dope footage over here @ London to Uk with the kiwi bro Zane Lowe interviewing Slim.

Anyway nuts out the mouth. Go n get u some!


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